In OTL 1066 William of Normandy invaded England so he could be king things were going well he had killed King Harold and his army was broken but in the ATL some of Harold's army regrouped and cut William's army in half on the way to London forcing him to retreat to the cost and plan a new offensive


1066 Battle of Hastings

1066 Battle of London Road

1067 Siege of Southampton

1068 Sacking of Cinque Port (Dover)

1068-71 The Campaign of 15 Raids

1071 Landing at Le Havre

Treaty of Caen

Finally after the Landing at Le Havre both sides meet in Caen to discuss the new borders they agreed on

Normandy would get Southampton and surrounding area

England would be paid 2000 tonnes in gold for loss of king and were given the Channel Islands

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