The Point of Diversion occurs about 2.2 million years ago, just as the new species Homo Habilus was beginning to separate itself from the chimpanzee and austrolopithecus. In eastern Africa, where the only hominid species lived, a severe mutation struck one prehistoric man, who then spread it to all of his offspring unwittingly, causing a rapid burst of evolution. The new offspring became infertile with the original hominids, creating a divergent species. As they migrated northward, searching for territory, the mutations continued, dividing the species once again in a similar fashion. Soon all hominids had split into five incompatible species, which all fled to different corners of the globe and developed distinct characteristics of their own.

Modern Times

Each of the five species, despite their physical and neurological difference, underwent incredible cephalization over the next 2 million years. Each of the five eventually gained sentience and developed a language of their own. Around 20000 BC, each species - one by one - began to create a civilization. Soon all five had set out to conquer the globe through military or intellectual means. Now, in 2012 CE, the struggle for power continues, with modern technology sometimes uniting the five races but more often dividing them further. Offspring of two parents of different species are called Half-breeds. They are infertile, less intelligent, and oppressed by all.

The Five Human Species of the Earth

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