1910- Matt Hernandez March 9th I sat down and looked down at the proceedings. Every three years the democracies of the world hold an event called the Council of Democracies. Every Democratic Republic on earth is invited. This meeting was being held in West Israel. I was part of the diplomatic team sent by America. The south American Democracies were avoiding our delegation, The German Delegation were drinking as the days speeches came to a close. This year there was a small team from French Indochina, historically we allowed revolutionary groups to sit in on the proceedings but they were not allowed to make speeches. The leader of the Indochina mission was a rather Charming man named Ho Chi Minh. He was probably here to ask discretely for arms and funds to fight the French. Germany would probably provide them a suitable amount of funding. As Mr. Park from the Korean Delegation was going to get up to speak I heard the howl of some evil thing. Then the room exploded, the main delegates were all dead many of us were injured we fled the room in panic. At that time we all thought some anarchists had set off a bomb. We didn't find out until later that the French warship Paris Victorious had bombed the meeting we were all to panicked. In the end the action of the rogue captain of the Paris was probably what ultimately lead to the great war that consumed the world.

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