The First Texan-Mexican War lasted from 1848-1850. It ended with the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo signed in late February. Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and New Mexico were all ceded to Texas, and Yucatan was ceded to Great Britain. The War was a victory for Texas and Great Britain, and proved the young Republic of Texas could survive.

First Texan-Mexican War




Great Britain

Mexican Empire

Military Dead:

Pre-War Events

Mexican raids into Texas were soon stepped up, and after refusing to stop, Texas declared war on Mexico. Great Britain followed with Texas, and declared war as well. In March, the first hostilities of the war began when Mexican troops crossed the Rio Grande and attacked the Texan Home Guard at the Battle of Nueces River, where 850 Mexican troops attacked a smaller Texan force of 300 men, resulting in a Mexican victory and a brutal slaughter of the Texan force, of which only one survives to tell the tale to the main Anglo-Texan Army in Austin, which numbers 13,500 men. Upon hearing of this news, the Army of South Texas departed from Austin and moved South to crush the Mexican invasion force at the Battle of El Paso, where every last Mexican was slaughtered, including the pack animals which carried the ammunition. The only surviving creatures, human or animal, to survive the battle from the Mexican side, is their leaders painted horse stallion, which is given to the last Texan from the original massacre which the Mexican Army committed. The Mexican Army attempted to launch an offensive into the British Honduras, and they manage to overrun the colony in a matter of weeks although the British populace in the colony resists bitterly, some even commit suicide raids against the small Mexican garrison in an attempt to force the brutal Mexican military government out of the Honduras, but to no avail. The Mexicans also launch an attack at El Paso, but it is repulsed with Heavy Casualties. The fleeing Mexican force is then followed by the Army of South Texas into Coahuila, where the Battle of Monterrey takes place and the city is occupied by Texan troops and the Mexican state of Coahuila is placed under Texan military occupation. The fleeing Mexican militia is then pursued once more into the neighboring states of Nuevo Leon and Tamaulipas, A British marine force lands on the Tamaulipas Coast and links up with the Texans, allowing the Texan and Anglo Armies to conquer the two Mexican states and place them under Texan Occupation. In May, An Anglo-Texan Expeditionary Force lands on Mexico’s Gulf Coast and occupies Veracruz, forcing the Mexicans to abandon a large portion of there Gulf Coast Naval Fleet to the British and Texan Forces occupying there vital city of Veracruz. Plans to liberate the British Honduras are drawn up for next month. Through June-July, The Anglo-Texan Army of West Texas is created, numbering 4,500 men, and its first military operation is Operation Houston, which is an invasion of New Mexico from the Texan base in El Paso, and after the invasion is launched, Santa Fe falls within days of the invasions beginning, and soon the region is effectively under Texan control. When news of the loss of New Mexico reaches Mexico City, Mexican Dictator Carlos de la Santa Anna asks for a ceasefire with the Texan and British governments, both of which agree to the proposal when in a bloody “coup de etat”, the Mexican Army overthrows Santa Anna in favor of continuing the war in a more favorable position. An Anglo-Texan marine assault soon then takes the Yucatan away from Mexico, forcing the new government to rejoin the Texan and British governments at the peace table. From August all the way up until February, The negotiations take several months, until finally the Mexican government is retaken by Santa Anna and he agrees to cede the conquered territories to there respective conquerors, ceding to Texas Coahuila, Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, and New Mexico and ceding the Yucatan to Britain. These are finalized in the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, which is signed in late February.

Post War

Texan Settlers and the Military soon began kicking out Tejanos living in Texas. However, violence soon broke out, but Sam Houston was able to negotiate a treaty between the Tejanos and the new Settlers.

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