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Second Indochina War


Indonesian War
Arctic Wars


Second Saharan War

First Saharan War

February 18, 1978


June 23, 1984


Saharan Africa


Sahara Pact victory

  • Treaty of Bamako
  • AIR surrenders claim to Aouzou Strip and reduces military size by 200,000
  • Mali establishes its presence as an effective military power in Africa

Sahara Pact

Flag of Mali Mali

Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Sahrawi

Flag of Niger 5!3 Niger

Flag of Chad Equatorial Africa

Flag of France France

North African Coalition

Drapeau de la République Arabe Islamique (Union tuniso-libyenne) Arab Islamic Republic

Flag of Sudan Sudan

Flag of the Soviet Union Soviet Union


Flag of Mali Modibo Keita

Flag of Niger 5!3 Seyni Kountché

Flag of Chad Goukouni Oueddei

Flag of France Yvon Bourges

Flag of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic Mohamed Abdelaziz

Drapeau de la République Arabe Islamique (Union tuniso-libyenne) Muammar Gaddafi

Flag of Sudan Gaafar Nimeiry

Flag of the Soviet Union Dmitriy Ustinov


* 700,000

* 437,000

Equatorial Africa
* 327,800

* 130,000

* 12,000

Arab Islamic Republic
* 934,000

* 409,700

* 11,000

Casualties and Losses

Mali - 234,000
Niger - 110,000
Equatorial Africa - 100,000
France - 8,000
Sahrawi - 3,450

AIR - 313,000
Sudan - 128,000
USSR - 1,000


Course of the war

Niger 30 Days' Campaign (1978)

AIR and First Aouzou Strip battles

Mali in Western AIR

France enters the war; Sahara Pact initiated (1979)

Equatoria and Sahrawi on the brink

The war expands


Effects of the war

Popular culture

  • The pilot episode of the 1980s American TV series Airwolf was set partly in the Libyan region of AIR. The episode deals with rogue American scientist/engineer Charles Henry Moffett, who steals Airwolf - a highly advanced, supersonic stealth helicopter - from its US operators and brings it to a villa outside Tripoli, from where he attacks a flight of French Mirage fighters over Equatoria and an American destroyer in the Gulf of Sidra for the benefit of crumbling AIR forces in the latter years of the war.

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