First Poland Revolution was conflict in 1348 between Polish anti-Bohemian-monarchists and now unguarded duchy of Warsaw. When Vladislaus of Warsaw went with John the Blind to battle on French side in 13 Years' War, anti-Bohemian-monarchist and followers of Wladyslaw I the Elbow-High thought it was good time to attack and separate Poland under Piast rule. Siemovit II of Masovia how had to serve to Premysl Otakar III to be his servant to keep his land was head of the rebellion. He gathered all Mazovians and they made his way all the way to Warsaw. Vladislaus was however warned and quickly came back and saved Warsaw in Battle of Warsaw and drove Masovians back to their homeland. There he captured Siemovit and killed him by beheading. First Poland Revolution stopped rebellion for another 47 years. Next was Second Polish Revolution lead by Henry III of Jawor (grandson of Henry I of Jawor).

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