First Latin American War
Date1974 - 1976
LocationSouth America
ResultStatus quo ante bellum
790,000 men,

226 tanks,
500 aircrafts

680,000 men,
453 tanks,
602 aircrafts
Military casualties:
112,101 killed,
47,262 wounded

112 missing

Military casualties:113,126 killed,

1,383 wounded,
421 missing

Origins of the War

Opposing Forces


Argentina's army had Argentina's best aircraft, the Pulqui II Jet fighter, a modification of the Focke Wulf Ta 183 Jet.

Pulqui II

An Argentinian Pulqui II Jet fighter taking off.


Brazil's armed forces were equipped with American weapons, like the M-48 battle Tank, and the sabre jet fighter, which was equal to the Pulqui.

The Conflict

1. The Opening Moves

At 6:26, massed Argentinian artillery opened up on the border fortifications, while Argentinian aircraft attacked every airfield in southern Brazil.

Responses to the Attack

At the time of the declaration of war, German carrier group 2, consisting of the carrier Peter Strasser, the light carrier Gorch Fock, one light cruiser, and four destroyers, was sailing off the coast of Brazil. The presence of the fleet so close to Brazil sent shivers down the spines of the Brazilian high command. Both Germany and the United States declared themselves neutral at the opening of hostilities,

End of the War

See too The Second Latin American War 1993 - 1994.

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