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German soldiers WWI

German soldiers fighting in France.

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Although Britain officially sided with France, they were friendly to the Germans


The First Great War was fought between 1920 and 1922, against the Coalition and the French Alliance.


The Coalition was made up of multiple countries: Germany, Ottoman Empire, Federal States of Greater Austria, Spain, and their colonies and dependencies. Britain aided in supplying Coalition forces, but they sided with France officially.

French Alliance

There was no real 'French Alliance', but it is considered to be made up of the three countries that were simultaneously invaded at the same time. These countries included France, Britain, Italy, and (to a lesser extent,) Switzerland. 

Cause of War

The determined cause for war was the French invasion of Spain in 1917. This was a major loss for Spain, and gave France ALL Spanish colonies. The French also demanded Aragon and Northern Spain, but were not given it. They never gave an explanation for invasion, though Spain suspected either France was acting aggressively, caught wind of the Caribbean Stratagem (the plan to retake Cuba from the United States, which was eventually abandoned), or disagreed with Spain's actions against anti-colonial rebels in Africa. Italy was invaded due to their isolationism, and the Ottoman Empire's wish to acquire Libya. Switzerland was invaded by one country: Germany. This was to supposedly 'unite' the German people, although the peace treaty resulted in only the east half of Switzerland becoming apart of Germany. Some countries condemned the Germans for invading Switzerland

The War Years


In 1919.5, the Ottoman Empire declares war on Italy, along with Germany, and Austria-Hungary. Germany invades Switzerland.


In 1920, Italy is occupied, and Germany invades France, with Spain following shortly after, followed by the rest.of the Coalition members.


Coalition forces surround Paris, with Spain leading the assault in a bloodthirsty revenge. Spanish commandos manage to sneak into Paris and steal priceless art pieces from the Louvre, King Alfonso XIII plans to use the art as leverage to force a surrender.


Coalition forces swarm Paris, killing many civilians and leveling approx. 35% of the city in the first strategic bombing in history. President Raymond Poincare and his family are captured by Spain. However, following France's reformation as a British protectorate, Britain demands that Poincare be returned to France to face trial. Spain initially refused, stating Poincare caused the war. With the threat of another war, Spain reluctantly returned Poincare. In French courts, Poincare was found not guilty, but reports released to the outside world state he was found guilty and exiled to Canada. Spain did not believe the report, having stated Poincare has control of the courts, and claiming to know the truth. Britain, however, stated there was no way Spain could know such information, and warned it to stop finding an excuse to destroy the last of France.


The Treaty of Versailles was signed to end the war in 1922.

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