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Rio de la Plata War


Second Great European War
War of Confederate Independence
Second Latin American War


First Sino-Japanese War

First Global War
Charge of the light brigade
Second America's War, CSA

Top: Battle of Haarlem

Bottom: Battle of Knoxville

March 29, 1858


September 17, 1862


Europe, North America, South America, Asia


United Coalition Victory


Flag of France France
Flag of RussiaRussia
Flag of the Netherlands Netherlands
Alleged flag of the Rhine Confederation 1806-13 Confederation of the Rhine
(tr)-pl Poland
Flag of DenmarkDenmark-Norway
US flag 30 starsUnited States of America
Flag of AssiniboiaAssiniboia
Flag of Alaska Alyseka
Flag of Mexico (1823-1864, 1867-1968)Mexico
Flag of Empire of Brazil (1870-1889)Brazil
Flag of ColombiaColombia
Flag of ChileChile
Flag of BoliviaBolivia

Flag of the United KingdomUnited Kingdom
Flag of Austria-Hungary (1869-1918)Austria-Hungary
Flag of PrussiaPrussia
Flag of Portugal FTBWPortugal
Flag of ItalyItaly
Flag of Spain (1785-1873 and 1875-1931)Spain
Flag of the Confederate States of America (1865)Confederate States of America
Flag of Pacific RepublicPacific Republic
Flag of the Ottoman EmpireOttoman Empire
Flag of ArgentinaArgentina
Flag of Venezuela (1905-1930) Venezuela
Flag of PeruPeru


List of Commanders during First Global War

List of Commanders during First Global War




Casualties and Losses



The First Global War was the name given to unite three simultaneous wars taking place in North America, South America, Europe and Asia, the War of Confederate Independence, Second Great European War and the Second Latin American War. This title was given during the Second Global War, as historians and officials began to recognize that all three wars were part of a larger conflict. However, the names of the original conflicts are still used to describe the different fronts of the war.