French Revolutionary Wars

First Global War
Chesapeake-Leopard Affair

May 18, 1803


June 15, 1809


Europe, North America, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea


Treaty of Paris




Casualties and Losses



The First Global War (commonly referred to as WW-I or incorrectly called the First European War) was an major war located mainly in Europe, but soon spread to North America in 1807. The war included all of the Great Powers at the time: the French Empire, Spain, Great Britain, Austrian Empire, and the Ottoman Empire; the war also included the Egypt, Palestine, Mysore, United States and Denmark-Norway. As the war continued to progress, the opposing sides eventually formed two military alliances: the Coalition and Grand Alliance. By the end of the war, approximately seven million men were deployed during the war, and approximately two million returned as casualties.

The United States, Mysore and the French Empire were the biggest winners of the war. The United States acquired most of North America from Great Britain; the French Empire gained the remainder of the British colonies or outposts in Africa; and the Kingdom of Mysore received British India and forced the British East India Company to abandon their operations in India. The Austrian Empire, Great Britain, Prussia, and Russia received heavy restrictions and reparations, crippling their economy.

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