Corstantian-Azaranian War



First Galactic War

72,921,893 BC


72,921,867 BC


Quadrant K-23



Major battles:

Battle of Uisi

Battle of Kqers

Battle of Hyve

Battle of Corstantan


Quadruple Alliance

TerranEmpire Firstborn
DriscoanFlag Driscoan Republic
CorstantianFlag Corstantian Republic

Galactic Alliance

Regen Flag Regenetech Empire
Azarath Flag Azaranian Empire
Imerpial Seal Dravimosian Empire

TerranEmpire Emperor Deedarch

General Derais
General Fedranin
General Tasdinnul
General Orashdun
General Imuron

DriscoanFlag Premier Aahm

Regen Flag Emperor Vlasvar LV

Grand Shukoff Mizkel
Shukoff Dimwit
Grand Shukoff Kervin
Shukoff Wardinn

Azarath Flag Emperor Altre'zhavi Kreton II

Lord Grand Admiral Polien'trena Renvius
Lord Generalissimo Torrhen'Stre Kanvia
Lord General Trex Kardne'Septra
Flagship Admirak Val'Korna Ranni
Command Marshal Davis'Tarzhen Relenik
Commander Paxen Silvis



Casualties and Losses

22,825,000 (estimate)

17,523,000 (estimate)

The First Galactic War, otherwise known as the First Great War or the Great War was a military conflict involving most of the great galacitc powers. It was a galactic war cenetered in Quadrant K-23, and occurred 72 MYA It was the first Galactic War to date, and the first of its kind, with several billion casualties and most of the great powers divided into two opposing alliances: the Quadruple Alliance (Terran Empire, Driscoans, Soram Empire, the Second Hanzen Federal Republic, and Corstantian Republic) and the Grand Alliance (Caborr Consulate, Dravimosian Empire, Azaranian Empire, and Regenetech Empire). It was started when the Corstantian Republic staged an Azaranian attack on one of their research facilities in deep space. The Corstantian Republic had been looking for war for a very long time, and when they faked a huge attack in which hundreds were slaughtered, the people of the Corstantian Republic rose up against the Azaranians, which led to the declaration of war against the Azaranian Empire by the entire Quadruple Alliance, and which in turn a declaration of war was declared against the QA by the GA. The war quickly turned bloody as both sides mobilized their forces and attacked each other. The GA had great successes at first, destroying several QA forces galaxy wide. Shocked by what was happening, the leaders of both sides quietly and quickly negotiated a peace treaty, the Treaty of Mborew, which ended hostilities on both sides. However, even after the war was over, both sides had clashes in space and spied on each other regularly, starting the First Galactic Cold War.

First Galactic War

Galactic War I was started when the Corstantian Republic, which had been itching for war for a few years, faked an attack on Research Installation Y-82. It was attacked by Corstantian forces who disguised their IFF signals to be Azaranian warships. They quickly bombarded the installation, killing all. However, they neglected to kill the signal tower, which allowed the scientists to get out a message to Corstantian High Command about the attack. It Corstantian people, enraged such a thing had happened, rallied behind the government and military for a full war against the Azaranian.

Although it was soon clear to most of the major powers that the so called "Azaranian attack" had been fabricated by the Corstantian Republic, the Corstantian had already begun their attack.

Corstantian Retaliation

Corstantian forces began to assault Azaranian positions, and their troops had very high morale as they thought they were striking against their enemies. They won a few great victories at first- killing many million Azaranian troops, who were caught unprepared. However, after the first few battles, Regen and Dravimosian troops showed up on the battlefield, and the Corstantian forces began to be pushed back. They requested help from the rest of the QA members, who eagerly came to their defense.

The Tide is Turned

The first few battles after the rest of the QA joined the war were stalemate, with heavy losses on both sides. However, the numbers of the Azaranian and Regen troops began to show, and overwhelm the QA. The GA forces advanced, although paying with blood every inch of the way. It wasn't until the Battle of Inze where over 12 million QA forces were killed that the leaders of both sides began to negotiate a peace. After a few days of constant negotiation, a ceasefire was declared, and a few weeks later, the Treaty of Mborew was signed, officially ending the war.

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