While the two greatest powers of Catholic Christianity, the Quadruple Monarchy and France, were more interested in fighting each other, which culminated in the Great Occidental War, the Empire of the Rum-Seljuks was able to take most of Italy and invade deep into the HRE. This was their apogee, though; now the Triple Monarchy of England-Castille-Portugal came to sense and attacked them, defeating them in the Occidental-Seljuk War and liberating Rome. Still, the Seljuks held great parts of Italy and Hungary.

The war

In 1567, France, Venice and the HRE used the opportunity and declared war on the weakened Seljuks. The First French-Seljuk War had begun.

1569, French troops landed at Port Said, conquered the city, for the king had the plan to use the Sinai as a base to find a way to India. In the following year however, the Seljuks conquered Port Said back.

New help, on the other hand, came in 1572: After another uprising of the Carbonari, Florence joined the war, attacked the city of Naples.

The peace

In the peace of Krems (Austria), the Seljuks had to cede Dalmatia to Venice, the county of Naples to Florence, Salzburg to Bavaria, Austria to Württemberg-Carinthia and western Hungary to France. François of Bourbon was elected new king Ferenc I of Hungary.

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