First Eurasian War
Part of the Cold War and the Eurasian Wars
Date 9 April 1948 - 22 October 1953
Location Transcaucasia, Middle East, Central Asia, Russian Republic
Result UN victory; the Republics of Abkhazia, Ossetia, and Persia created; Chechenya, Dagestan, and Nagoro-Karabahk put under US control.

The First Eurasian War (also called the Trancaucasian WarTranscontinental War, and The Soviet Spillover) was the of two armed conflicts to take place in the Trancaucasia, the Middle East, Anatolia, and some parts of Central Asia and the Russian Republic. The US/China/Japan led coalition fought against German/Italy led coaltion for who is the dominant influence over the regions described above. 

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