The first English Civil War (ECW), also called by the common people "War of the 'fords", after the leaders of the most important groups, the Staffords and the Cliffords, took place during the years 1633-47.

In 1633, uprisings against the unpopular king Henry VI started, which marked the begin of the first English Civil War.

1634, king Henry was captured and banned to Atlantis (i.e. he was put onto a ship which captain was told he had a prisoner to be released in Atlantis. Like the nobles used to joke, this was the worst imaginable punishment for the king, who banned that many religious dissenters there.) However, since the king had no heir, the nobles weren't in unison about what to do, and started to fight amongst each other.

In the years 1633-50, Welsh uprisings took place. Some were expelled to Atlantis, settled mostly around Boston.

In 1638, uprisings happened in Ireland too, English were driven back into the Pale. 1641, Dublin had to capitulate to the Irish. Many English fled to England or Markland.

During 1642-45, "The Scottish interlude" happened: Scotland tried to expand into Northern England, which made the Staffords and the Cliffords actually stop their war against each other in 1643, until the Scots were finally driven out.

The war ended in 1647 when the Duke of Stafford became new king Humphrey I of England, after defeating and killing his opponent, William of Clifford.

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