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First Empire of Brazil (Dark Brazilian Empire)

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Empire of Brazil
Império do Brasil
Flag of the Second Empire of Brazil CoA Empire of Brazil (1847-1889)

Independência ou Morte!
("Independence or Death!")


"Hino Nacional Brasileiro"
("Brazilian National Anthem")

First empire
The Old Empire territory in c. 1870
Capital Rio de Janeiro
Official languages Portuguese
Government Constitutional parliamentary monarchy
Emperor D. Pedro I (1822-1831)
D. Pedro II (1831-1901)
D. Isabel I (1901-1921)
D. Pedro III (1921-1957)
Population 283 million (1993)
Currency Real (Réis)

The Empire of Brazil was the Brazilian constitutional monarchy which existed from 1822, with the proclamation of independence, to 1957, with the destruction of the parliament and establishment of the absolute monarchy. The Empire was restored in 1993 with a plebiscite.

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