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First Emirate of Cordoba (Muslim Rajputana)

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إمارة قرطبة
Emirate of Cordoba
Umayyad Flag.svg
750–760 Emblema del Reino de Asturias.svg

Umayyad Flag.svg<p> Flag

Emirate of Córdoba in 929 (green)
Capital Cordoba
Official language Classical Arabic, Berber, Medieval Andalusian, Medieval Hebrew
Religion Islam
Government Monarchy
 - Abd al-Rahman I proclaimed Emir of Córdoba 750
 - Abd al-Rahman executed by Asturians 760
After the fall of the rest of the Caliphate to the Abbasids, the Emirate of Cordoba was proclaimed in Al-Andalus. Cordoba became one of the richest cities in the Muslim world and, for ten years, the emirate was peaceful. However, a Frankish-Asturian invasion of the nation led to the fall of Cordoba to Christendom.

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