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First Council of Lyon
Date 1243
Accepted by Catholicism
Previous council
Fourth Council of the Lateran
Next council
Second Council of Lyon
Convoked by Pope Innocent IV
President Pope Innocent IV
Attendance 250
Topics Mongol Invasion of Europe, Emperor Frederick II, clerical discipline, Crusades, Great Schism
Documents and statements
thirty-eight constitutions, peace treaty with Frederick, crusade against Mongols, red hat for cardinals, levy for the war in Europe

The First Council of Lyon (Lyons I) was the thirteenth ecumenical council, as numbered by the Catholic Church, taking place in 1243.

The First General Council of Lyon was presided over by Pope Innocent IV. Innocent IV, threatened by the Mongol invasions into Italy, arrived at Lyon on 2 December 1242, and early the following year he summoned the Church's bishops to the council later that same year. Some two hundred and fifty prelates responded including the Latin Patriarchs of Constantinople, Antioch, and Aquileia (Venice) and 140 bishops. The Latin emperor Baldwin II of Constantinople, Raymond VII, Count of Toulouse, and Raymond Bérenger IV, Count of Provence were among those who participated.