First Chinese Republic
Preceded by 1822-1952 Succeeded by
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Chinese State Flag
First Chinese Republic Flag FCR COA 2
Flag Coat of Arms

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The First Chinese Republic was a relatively stable republic after the last king of the Qing was overthrown.

After seeing the fail of Rikardism in Denmark-Sweden, the Chinese Rikardist Revolts stopped in the region of Qing and were replaced by Republicans. After a few months they were able to topple the regime and replace it with a hopefully stable republic. It worked very well for most people involved, including the poor people in the region. They were accused of Rikardist tendencies many times, which forced them to retract their bills for free healthcare and the like.

However, in 1911 the government banned the running of Monarchist and Rikardist parties in the country, which led to the 1952 Chinese Coup. There was a political party with very radical followers, and it was called the Chinese Reform Counsel. Because of their Rikardist government ideals they were not allowed to run, but were still heavily praised by the public.