Battle for Neumayer
DateMarch 24 1980 - October 15 1981
Result Minor New Swabian victory
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Maudland Flag of New Swabia New Swabia
Flag of Argentina Argentina
Flag of Maudland (Great White South) Major General Erlend Bekkestad Flag of New Swabia Major General Wilhelm Kunz
Flag of Argentina Rear Admiral Carlos Busser
1,345 Ski Troops
16,000 Infantry
23 Snow Trac's
123 Aerosled's
25 Centurian Tanks
1 Squadron of F4 Phantoms
1 Squadron of F-8 Sabres
30,000 Infantrymen
40 Panzer V tanks
1 Squadron of A4 Skyhawks
3 Squadrons of Mirage III's
Casualties and losses
13,000 killed, 9851 wounded or POW 11,000 killed, 8369 wounded or POW

The 1st Battle for Ny Kristiansand was the longest and bloodiest battle of the New Swabian war, consisting of sieges, attrition warfare, and house-to-house fighting, it caused the deaths of over 20,000 soldiers and an unknown number of civilians. It marked the end of the fast-moving campaigns of the early war and was the closest either side came to attacking civilian targets as it also included a bombing campaign targeted at Neuymayer and at Ny Bergen.

Although the city itself fell quickly. the fighting lasted over a year as Maudlandic soldiers operating out of the Ny Kristainsand Air Complex and the Carl Gustav fortress held on for a yea.r being resupplied by air before they finally fell.

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