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Part of the German Patriot War

First Austrian War

1 June 1838


3 January 1839


Germany, Jutland, Eastern Europe, North Sea


Template:Country data German Empire German Empire,

Flag of the Habsburg MonarchyAustrian Rebels
Template:Country data HungaryHungarian Rebels


Template:Country data German EmpireFrederick William III

Flag of the Habsburg MonarchyKarl von Schönhals


Template:Country data German Empire 90,000

Template:Country data Hungary72,000

Casualties and Losses



The First Austrian War was a large scale uprising against the German Empire following the fall of the Austrian government in 1838. This war was a major crushing blow to future Hungarian and Austrian nationalism. This war would eventually encompass several other countries in the German Patriot War


In 1835 Austria began pushing the Großdeutsche Lösung, or Greater German Decision, gaining political control over many lesser German states. Prussian and her remaining allies soon feared that Austria would declare war. On 1 January 1836 the War of German Hegemony began as Prussia invaded Austria. In 1837 the Treaty of Cologne was signed ending the war. The remainder of German states are loosely united under Prussian influence. Bohemia , Hanover, Schleswig-Holstein, the Electorate of Hesse, Frankfurt am Main, Nassau, and parts of Hesse-Darmstadt are annexed by Prussia The North German Confederacy is formed by Prussia, officially annexing parts of northern Germany. On 3 February the Second Congress of Vienna is called into order. The object of the congress was to discuss the future of a unified German state and to redraw international borders after the War of German Hegemony. On 10 May the Second Congress of Vienna concludes. The Austrian government agreed to form Greater Germany, combining with Prussia’s influence in the north to form a union under a single Emperor.
Almost immediately after Prussian occupation set in resentment grew against the north Germans. Former Austrian General, Karl von Schönhals, joined the resistance, leading a small force through the Austrian countryside near Linz.

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