The First Atomic War was a part of the Third World War. The Development of the atom bomb allowed major powers like the Empire of France and Catalonia and Germany. France secretly stole German plans of their bomb plans and began constructing their own bomb. Germany finished constructing their first bomb in 1955, and France finished constructing their first bomb in 1957. The Germans found out that the French bomb development site was near Reims, so they planned their attack there.

The war

Reims was bombed on September 30, 1959, since Germany thought that the French bomb development site was near Reims. The French site was not actually in Reims. France retaliated by bombing Bremen on October 17. On December 3, France bombed Brighton, so Britain would not continue fighting in the Third World War. On December 21, Germany bombed the City of Brussels. A heavy loss of live ensued, so France would later drop 2 bombs in and around Frankfurt. After the bombing of Frankfurt, German pacifists killed Hitler and concluded an uneasy peace to the Third World War.

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