2.3 million years ago

Blank world map9
  • A species called the Rhoran evolve in parts of eastern OTL Africa. They look extremely identical to OTL Humans, except that they have two hearts, one located in the arm, another near the leg.

2.9 million years ago

  • The first specimens of a carnivorous nomadic hominid called the Poxians appear in OTL Baltic areas., they are large with hairy bodies and resemble a grizzly bear with a gorilla's face. They feed on fatty animals like Seal and whales but also eat the leaves of pine trees.
  • Disregard yellow area for the Fedeledi here, use for next year.

2.89 million years ago

  • A new species, called the Fedeledi, appear on OTL Europe and Northern Africa. They are very successful as they have no competition for the areas.


2.88 million

  • An amphibious Bi-pedal mammal evolves in Oceania region. They are unable to leave moist climates, but are able to swim up to 20 mph (ONLY if straining their muscles). They breed like any other mammal species, but at an early age begin to lose MOST, not all, of their hair. They spend up to 14 hours a day in the water and do not have extremely strong legs to STAND ON, as they are unused to the weight of the being. They are called amphibi-sapians, their name being Fudalus.

2.87 million


  • The Rhoradian language, after several thousand years of evolution, finally takes shape. They also learn how to create and control fires and how to use stone to make simple flint-tools.
  • The Poxians or H. Balticus, expand south into the Balkans, The Poxians had developed spears for hunting and fire to keep themselves warm, Poxians by this time still do not cook their food and still communicate with a variety of grunts and groans.
  • A species of hairy, bipedal homonids called Saskatchewan emerge in Mexico and Central America.

2.86 million


  • Rorans expand Northward.
  • Poxians and Fedeledi clash in several fights.
  • Sasquachuan spread south into the Yucatan.

2.85 million

  • Evolutionmap1.3
    An Ant-like species with a symbiotic relationship with extremely energy-dense fungi appears in Argentina. because of this relationship, they are the first "agricultural" species, with the worker Formians spreading the fungi.
  • A small and lithe race of primates arises in the Amazon rain forest, they feed on insects and fruit and are extremely agile, they use sticks to get worms out of trees to eat, they will be called the Quiquaxil.
  • The Poxians form two distinct subspecies, the hairy, large and aggressive Northern Poxian and the lion-maned and fast Southern Poxian, Northern Poxians move into Fedeledi land and set up dominance, they learn to cook their food by following Fedeledi examples, they do not develop a language yet.
  • The Sasquatchuan develop a simple for of language and begin to learn how to create fire and cook local animals for the first time. They also begin to shrink slightly and lose some of their hair.

2.84 million

  • There are now several distinct castes in Formian hives. the "queen", a creature with almost no exoskeleton and about the size of a elephant, which lays about 10 eggs a day. the "drones", which mate with the queen, and are about the size of a chimpanzee. The "soldiers", which are about the size of a horse, with six legs and two powerful, crushing claws. finally, there are the "workers" the fastest, and most numerous. they are about the size of a jaguar, and have several special vents in their bodies which contains the fungi they have a symbiotic relationship with. muscles continuously pump air through these vents, spreading the fungal spores.
  • The Sasquatchuan develop flint tools and expand largely south and north. They also begin to develop into small nomadic groups of multiple families called clans, each headed by a clan leader, their language also develops with their development into clans.

2.83 million

  • Thanks to the "agriculture" of the Formians, they expand south to the tip of South America, north into Brazil, and west into chile. the "Drone" caste disappears, and is replaced by a caste of "kings", which are evolved Drones, slightly larger that soldier, each of whom controls a harem of Queen Formians. these harems range in size from forty to a hundred queens. each king always has around a dozen larval "kings" in his harem. when they mature, they fight until two or three are left, then they divide the colony in thirds and the weaker two kings are forced to found their own colony. the king formians have developed a modicum of intelligence, because survival is completely dependent on intelligence in the constant slave-taking wars between colonies.
  • Saskachuan develop into a species called Australopithecus Africanus, they shrink in size by average a few inches, lose some of their hair. They eventually develop a larger language which involves sentences and adjectives. The clan system expands and multiple clans join together as groups later called tribes, the average tribe size is 100 to 170 each, they also develop a warrior system and every tribe has its own small defense force, although their weapons are little more than sticks with pieces of flint tied to the top with vines.. The tribe leaders create a class of sub-leaders that control different parts of the tribes, this becomes more important as their species spreads north and south once more.
  • Both subspecies of Poxian expand, N. Poxians develop a language to assist in hunting, S. Poxians take on many characteristics of lions but they use advanced cornering and organisational skills to hunt.
  • The Quiquaxil are now seen throughout the Amazon rainforest and have developed a long "knocking appendage" on their hands to assist in finding hollow trees likely to contain insects. The first Quiquaxil also start to drop rocks on travelling animals below them to kill and then eat them.
  • The Rouran expand into the Arabian peninsula.

2.82 million

  • Fudalus discover how to use language by talking and some signing (a mix of the two)
  • Fudalus expand due to community development, at a tribal level. This is due to the fact that although they bread slowly that have an expected life of (includes all calculations) 40 years. The tribal communities work as a group to figure out how to solve the problems of keeping warm wile at night near the beaches, and after a lighting storm they see fire and both adore it and fear it. They use it to make small camp fires near beaches. Although this is perfect for night on the shore, they soon discover that it does not work under water and that it eventually goes out; soon after that the groups begin to experiment with things to see what makes the fire come back, and they find that this weird extremely hard stone does it best when knocked against each other. This 10,000 year period is also shown to have been the time where they develop large nets and some farmings techniques for fish and some (only small plants and eatable fungi) plants.
  • Roharon's develop a boat, which leads to them landing on Madagascar, but after they don't come back (cause they don't know how to fix it) a separation of species begins, with Roharon in africa and the Madagascar Roharon.
  • The Madagascar Roharon, knowing the floating object works, but not knowing how to fix it begin to develop ways to actually build more from what they have. Soon they look similar, but different to the African Roharon.
  • All Species Expand.
  • South & North Poxians still intermingle, but it is becoming more and more of a rarity.
  • Fedeledi and the two Poxians begin to interbred (through raids on each other or what not) with each other towered the end of this 10,000 year period.
  • An hairy, bi-pedal sapian appears in Siberian region. They bread extremely fast (pregnancy's only lasting three months) and are extremely aggressive, eventually balancing themselves out; also noted for having a smaller less complex brain then many of the other races and being omnivores. They expand for this period in time but begin to develop groupings for raids on opposing groups, but still have no language or even the ability to comprehend how to use a weapon. They are called icelandica ravenous sapience's or Conqorens.
  • The A. Africanus evolve again into what is called later A. gerhi, this species develop permanent homes in areas with plentiful amounts of plants and wildlife, the homes are made of large sticks and logs with openings that act as doors, later the language evolves again and they develop paragraphs. They also learn that plants have things called seeds that can be planted in the ground near rivers and water that can grow into plants, this is the birth of homonid agriculture. This development of agriculture creates a population boom, by now the size of an average tribe is 600 people.


2.81 million

  • A. Garhi develop more into the north and begin to learn how to build baskets, which they use to hold plants that they have cultivated or found in the wild. Each tribe by now has its own farm, each has a small field of plants and fungi that is attended by 4 people. The warrior system also develops and officers are created to lead these new units. Their language again develops as they develop multi-paragraph language and they develop early sign language as a secondary way of communicating.
  • S. Poxians enter North Africa, N. Poxians expand to the east.
  • Formians expand in all directions, and their fungal allies evolve to produce more per acre, increasing Formian populations. the King caste develops a spoken language.
  • Rourans expand into the fertile lands of OTL Egypt and make contact with S. Poxians. They also learn how to plant crops in the ground.
  • A South Chinese Tiger evolves opposable toes. This allows them to grasp primitive tools. Over the course of the ten thousand years the streak in which this adaption occurred evolves to suit their more stationary lifestyle. They shrink, as they no longer need to travel great distances. Their bodies adapt to spending more and more time on two legs. Their fur becomes less bushy in the warmer part of the year to better cool their bodies. The end result resembles a fusion between a human and a tiger, and is about as tall as a human child even when fully grown. This species is known as the Mobians.

2.8 million

  • Evolutionmap1.5

The Rourans begin domesticating animals for use as meat and pets. They also learn more efficent techniques of killing and skinning animals.

  • A. garhi tribes expand south into into OTL Panama and also begin to domesticate animals, following this is another population boom as each tribe has about 1200 people per tribe. They also develop boats and begin to fish by hand, their soldiers also begin to weave roots into holdable patterns, these becomes the first recorded shields.
  • N. Poxians expand farther east and make contact with the Conqurons, both species being powerful and ferocious animals, superior Poxian intelligence, however, shows its uses. N. Poxians finally develop a more advanced form of language.
  • S. Poxians expand farther into Africa, specifically the game-rich Rouran-held savannah, S. Poxians become even more Lion like in agility and litheness. S. Poxians prove extremely successful here. S. Poxians still have no language.
  • Qhiquaxil specimens begin thieving eggs from birds nests and develop a sign language.
  • The Mobians start founding the first permanent settlements of their civilization, as they begin to use agriculture more than traditional hunting. They have begun creating a culture and language, written and spoken (similar to OTL Chinese). They begin expanding their reach to the north.

2.79 million

  • Evolutionmap1.6
    The Rhordans develop the world's earliest religion. They also develop a early social class system, divided into rulers, workers, and children.
  • Formian kings become more intelligent, and a caste of intelligent soldiers who can speak basic Formian, separates from the soldier caste, becoming the "commander" caste.
  • N. Poxians discover farming and begin moving more to the south and east.
  • Fedeledi populations on the Scandinavian peninsula as they are unable to compete with superior N. Poxian hunting techniques and the climate is poor for farming, however a new hybrid species of Fedeledi and N. Poxians appears on the southern tip of the Scandinavian peninsula, they combine the somewhat higher intelligence of the Fedeledi with the strength and traditions of the N. Poxians, they will be called the poeladians or Homo Sapiens Balticus.
  • African and European populations of S. Poxian begin to change from each other, S. Poxians in Europe will become more herbivorous through farming while African S. Poxians will become less intelligent and more agile and quick.

2.78 million

  • Evolutionmap1.7

Fedeledi peoples get some of the farming and hunting techniques from the N. Poxians, and adapt them to the hotter climates of Europe and Africa. That causes them to expand south significantly. At the same time, the Fedeledi peoples get taller and stronger to hold bigger brain and bone capacities. Chromosomes become very dominant. H. Mediterraneus evolves into H. Sapiens Mediterraneus (still named Fedeledi). At the same time, agriculture makes some Fedeledi to start settling on large villages, the oldest of which is "Firenzei" on the OTL central Italian peninsula.

  • N. Poxian populations start to take over Conqoren lands being more effective in all regards to hunting and intelligence, Conqorens are dying out. N. Poxians and S. Poxians build their first purpose built weapons to kill others instead of game, tree-trunk hammers, hammers and traditional hunting spears are most popular, n. Poxians learn they can bait seals easier with fish and stealth. First fishing nets are used. Poxians now feed on fish as a mainstay.
  • African Poxians (A. Poxians) change enough to become their own subspecies, A. Poxian populations in contact with Rouran populations are seen as deities in the Rouran religion thanks to their strength and learn from the Rourans, western populations of A. Poxians become even more bestial.
  • poeladian populations expand.
  • Formians expand farther north, and invent a written language (although only the Kings can read it). the letters sent between Formian Kings are the first known form of diplomacy.

2.77 million

  • Mobians and Fudalus expand.
  • Fudalus begin to separate into a more sea fairing version and a more land locked version. They can still interbreed, although some changes in how they look begin to appear.
  • Fudalus Population has be on a steady rise for nearly hundred thousand years. This has given them the means to develop the first ridden animal, which is a dolphin. They use this to transport everything needed to other parts of their inhabited areas. They also are able to perfect their farming techniques of both the sea and land (learning some of it from the Mobians). With such a large population they are able to actually develop the first cities which look a lot like OTL Inca; this being the first to do so they are able to learn more about (from new High Points) astronomy how to follow the stars properly, often using them to navigate their way around while in the open ocean and begin to map them in order to get/give better directions.
  • Fudalus centralize a government in OTL Australia, this controls all of the islands but none of the main land. The more centralized government begins to move forward with planes to explore the unknown and see where the earth ends. They also develop a full religion with six gods (Mataloneca [fire], Wonterana [water], Ontrixena [wind], Quartaxonra [earth], Vederanzix [sun], and the brother of the sun Zederanex [night/moon]).
  • Fudalus begin to actually import slave labor from the small settlements of the Mobins by using the first ever military to attack and capture them. The Military is outfitted with bamboo shields and armor with spears and slings; the spears have the hard rocks which they give the name "Mataloneca" after their fire god of the same name, this makes their spears extremely deadly to most anything the Mobians put up. The slave labor is only used in the settlements on the main land Asia.
  • Fudalus begin to use maps to further determine where they are. When the first maps are actually given out to the mainlander's and the islander's they quickly see how good they are; they may not be accurate to a mile, but they are still good and somewhat accurate maps.
  • A. Poxians expand as well as Rhoran.
  • Rhoran begin slave labor with the A. Poxians. This back fires as some the the A.Poxians being enslaved attack back. This leads several of their villages on each side to develop more close relationship with multiple tribal leaders leading a large "nation".
  • Conqorens and the N Poxians begin to fight a lot more; this leads to the N. Poxians specializing in long rang weapons as they do not wish to loose large amounts of people to the Conqoren hordes (mainly due to their extremely fast breading habits).
  • Conqorens start to single out N. Poxian and work together to fight them, now starting to form fighting groups to fight off the N. Poxian; they begin to stalemate in the since that neither can beat the other, because of either N. Proxian's intelligence in using long range weapons or because of Conqorens shier numbers.
  • Conqorens expand southward.
  • Qhiquaxil and Fomians meet in South America for the first time, by now all of South America has been stabilized between the two; now because borders are being drawn up. They also being a primitive trade language that both can understand.
  • Sasquachuan and Qhiquaxil meet in the northern part of South America. They actually begin to use a border to separate the tribes and tribal laws.
  • Sasquachuan expand north.

2.76 million

  • A new species, Canis Columbus, evolves throughout northern America. Much like a wolf, these canines have evolved extremely thick skin, as well as a pair of vestigial eyes that see in the infrared spectrum. They are about the size of a large horse, and communicate with other pack members by opening and closing small "heat vents" that give off infrared detectable only by other Columbi. These packs, numbering from 60-100, have recently coalesced into a single pack numbering in the tens of thousands. They live in burrows like their ancestors. However, they have learned that by tying vines around sticks and logs, one can go great distances with little effort. Merchant fleets made of redwood rafts have discovered and set up trade with the Sasquatch. They also develop the skill of selective breeding; the strongest breed with the strongest, the smartest breed with the smartest. For weapons, Columbi use claws as well as sinews of dead animals wrapped around a large, Y-shaped stick that can propel stones great distances. They are fierce individualists, and the "supertribe" is ruled democratically.
  • The Sasquatchuan develop their own religious system and new larger groups of tribes combine to become what is later referred to as states each having a population of 18,000 to 20,000. Also, three boats get caught in a storm off OTL Mexico and land in OTL Cuba, after word gets back to the mainland about its fertile soil, people migrate to this new island and soon a state is set up. They also develop a trade language that's used between them and the Qhiquaxil.
Evolutionmap1 6

2.75 million


  • While other species refine their civilisations, a new intelligent species arose in OTL, Nova Scotia and New England. They were known as the Britannicari. Outstandingly primitive in many respects especially when compared to others on the continent. A bipedal race of hardy humanoids, they were covered in thick hair and were well used to the chill climate of their home. They consumed mostly fish and for this reason were very good at making primitive flax nets. Settlements hadn't even begun to be born and the most advanced weapon was the primitive hand axe. There was a primitive language with little syntax or grammar. Under their thick fur was a strong layer of hardened skin which enclosed powerful muscle and blubber for the bitter winters. The teeth jotted out in irregular prong teeth, the better to catch fish with. Their hands were calloused and five fingered but the fingers were short and stubby. For now the Britannicari were peaceful except for sporadic outbreaks of fighting over fisheries between small hunting groups.
  • The Mobians develop primitive armor to defend against the invading Fundalus. They also copy the Fundalun Mataloneca and use it, to great effect. The Mobians start driving the Fundalus out of their territory.
  • The Mobians' oldest settlements have become walled cities to defend from the Fundalus' raids. A network of primitive roads have begun to be built between the more secure of these cities.

2.74 million

  • The Mobians, the skilled warriors that they are (despite their stature), have completely driven the Fundalus out of their lands. They begin to seize the land that the Fundalus had taken in mainland Asia. The mobian culture begins to develop more securely because of this reversal of fortune. The network of roads begins developing throughout the cities that had not been secure enough. The Mobians become unified behind the charismatic leader of a streak, who then becomes the first Mobian Emperor.

2.73 million

  • The Mobians successfully drive the Fundalus out of mainland Asia. The Mobian Emperor was drafting plans to invade the Fudalus' northernmost territories (OTL Japan) when a Fundalan diplomat comes from their leader to offer peace. it is agreed that the mainland is no longer part of the territory of the Fudaluns, and the islands are not the territory of the Mobians.
  • The Mobians expand their territory northwards, which includes the Chinese territory they took from the Fundalus. The have proven that they are a very educated and cultured race. They begin to use a form of currency in their dealings. The "coins" are roughly round pieces of gold.

2.72 million

  • The Rhordan species, after thousands of years, take up settlement in OTL Pakistan and Iran. They develop the world's earliest form of transportation.
  • The Poeladians become the dominant species on mainland Europe thanks to their advantages from N. Poxian and Fedeledi upbringing. N. Poxians live on in OTL Russian arctic coast and the Scandinavian peninsula's coasts.
  • Conqorens, unable to compete with N. Poxians for domination of coastal hunting grounds and their rapidly expanding population begin to die out. (If Conqorens are similar enough to N. Poxians to breed they can live on as a hybrid species.)
  • Quiquaxils start forming a mutual relationship with the Formians, Formians let Quiquaxils have some of the energy rich fungus for food and the Quiquaxils will act as speedy messengers.
  • The Mobians repel every Rhordan attempt to expand into Mobian India.

2.71 million

Evolution 1 8
  • The Rhordans make a significant breakthrough: they discover bronze. Bronze tools and weapons are immediately mass-produced.
  • Soon after the Rhordans discover bronze, Mobian spies steal the secret. Production of bronze weapons, tools and armor starts almost immediately. The Mobian Emperor also establishes a laboratory to research new types of each, and to discover new metals with which to create them.
  • The Mobians start building a large series of fortifications on their borders, and their coastline.

2.7 million

Records of Fedeledi using bronze start here.

  • With superior brains and genetic dominatibility, the Fedeledi are able to expel Poeledian tribes, at the same time that they expand on Africa and N. Poxian-Fedeledi interbreedings start dying out on non-Scandinavian Europe because of low reproductibility.
  • Fedeledi peoples lose most of their ape-like resemblance, while their eyes turn yellow. They start growing as their two hearts, four lungs and the brain get larger.
  • The last records of European Poeledian peoples appear on this ages.
  • The stick and wooden towns start becoming stone. More Fedeledi settle down.
  • Most major Mobian settlements have become cities. As they expand they attempt to discover ways to expand further, when their attention is turned to the skies.
  • The Mobian laboratory discovers iron. They promptly kill any spies that are amongst them. A Mobian builder discovers how to make concrete. These are both breakthroughs, but no-one knows to combine the two.

2.69 million

  • The Rhordans develop the world's earliest writing system, that can be understood by modern scientists. This writing system is extremely similar to the OTL English writing system, except that it has 50 words total. The Rhordans also genetically evolve further, and they now look exactly like OTL Humans. They now have only one heart.
  • most Formians and Quiquaxils now speak the trade language, although King Formians also speak Formians with other kings. the two species have become integrated, with Quiquaxils living inside Formian hives.
  • The Mobians have long since started mass producing iron armor, weapons and tools. The armor is similar in appearance to a fusion of OTL traditional Chinese armor and Japanese Samurai armor, and the weapons (mainly swords) are similar in appearance to an OTL Japanese Katana. The tools are basically the same as any of the tools made of Bronze.
  • The Mobians invent the OTL compound bow.


2.68 million

  • The Rhordans develop the world's first wheel.

2.67 million

  • Fedeledi discover writing which is a combination of OTL Italian and Spanish.
  • Elements are discovered, such as iron, zinc and copper.
  • New weapons, such as the Triple Bow, the Pilum and the Hard Spear are invented.
  • Completely permanent settlements are built as intensive agriculture is discovered and wheel is gotten from Rhordans.
  • The Mobians develop their own wheel, and promptly use it to invent an armoured chariot, in which a rider fires a compound bow. Using this the Mobians expand their territory further into China and Tibet.

2.66 million

  • Fudalus centralize their government naming it (translated) Fudlian Republic; much like OTL Rome style.
  • Fudalus expand and eventually reach OTL Madagascar; over the course of in 2,669,000. They became the naval powerhouse of of the Indian and Eastern pacific Oceans by 2,665,000. They have no ships yet, but patrol the waters on trained dolphins and and other trained animals (such as small trained wales). By now they have claimed and settled all the Oceanic-Japanese-Indian Islands
  • Fudalus begin to build the first ships with some iron plating, after experimenting for up to 400 years, and sending them to Egyptian-Incan styled docks that are positioned thought their large empire. (comment: If you are wondering where they got Iron, it is the hard rock that was named after their fore good, they just now started to implement it into a lot of their lives around 2,667,142.)
  • Fudalus begin to experiment with a lighter then iron metal that allows them to ware scale, copied from the shark, armor; this is hugely superior to flat solid armor for movement and durability, the lighter metal being why. They also begin the slow process of building road-ways and canals (amphibians they are) to all their cities and towns. This also explains how they where able to expand into inner-Australia.
  • Mobians and the Fudalus make a more permanent treaty making a union between the two nations that well ensure peace between the two. This does mean that the Fudalus well support the Mobians through their vastly superior navy and that the Mobians will help the Fudalus with their more somewhat-advanced weapons; also the two nations agree to having a single currency sighting greatly improved trade between the two. It also stipulates that both nations will remain sovereign.
  • Mobian's give the technology of how to make concrete and bows. They also, for a good price of course, give the technology for the weal (at a good price).
  • The Formian Qhiquaxil is formalized by the treaty of Covenant. Representatives from every Formian hive and every Qhiquaxil tribe sign the treaty. the combined forces of the Covenant begin advancing into Sasquatchan territory. thanks to Qhiquaxil scouting ability and speed, combined with Formian numbers and thick hides which shrug of arrows and blunt axes, they advance quickly.
  • The Columbians become pets to the Sasquatchan people having evolved slower then they did (like OTL chimpanzees to OTL humans)
  • Africa is now completely colonized.
  • Conqorens move south while leaving the half-bloods for the N. Poxians to take. Leaving a vast wasteland between the two.
  • A small group of Conqorens get stuck across from the main grouping and begin to evolve a more complex brain because of the harsher weather and harder hunting grounds. Soon they come up with a tribal system, like OTL Navajo Indians, and begin to use sharpened rocks on the head of sticks (spears and some EARLY tomahawks). They also start to FARM muskox, seeing it as a much easier way to get food then hunting.
  • Most nations expand.
  • In the year 2,661,945 the Fudalus discover a small island chain in far out to see, discovering it by complete accident wile hunting small pods of fish. When it is reported back, they mount a full on expatiation and, although running into storms and losing a couple ships, set up a colony there. They begin to expand upon it until it is considered large enough to be incorporated into the Republic. This unknowingly gains them dominance to 80% of the pacific.
  • The Mobian capital city of Hucheng (Tiger City) is one of the grandest cities in the world. Large, sweeping avenues are lined with concrete structures about four stories tall. It is also one of the first cities to have a system of primitive plumbing. The Mobian culture, which is a blend of OTL Chinese and Japanese cultures.
  • Sasquatchans begin using bronze weapons. they manage to stop the Covenant's advance.
  • Seeing the fighting ability of the Sasquatchans, the Covenant leaders begin to offer Sasquatchan tribes membership in the Covenant. the Sasquatchans become the artisans of the Covenant, making weapons and armor for Formian and Qhiquaxil warriors


2.65 million

  • The Covenant domesticates the Columbi, using packs them in conjunction with Qhiquaxil hunters.
  • The Mobians expand to the north in Mongolia and Manchuria. They meet the Conqorens sometime afterward. Despite their stature, the more advanced equipment and training of the Mobians allows them to defeat the Conqorens whenever they meet.

2.64 million

  • The Rhorans make OTL Saudi Arabia their new home-land, abandoning OTL Africa (Species don't just go, "LOL, let's go somewhere else and abandon a whole continent."). They also invent the world's first weapons made from zinc.
  • The Fedeledi start pushing the North and South Poxians out of Europe. The North Poxians start settling more in the Russia/Siberia area, while the South Poxians end up in the northern Middle East/Caucasus region.
  • N. Poxians further develop their weapon technology and start to farm reindeer and start settling down into communities, effectively city states each. N. Poxian anatomy starts to get a bit more smaller and limbs become very lanky. They retain their immense strength though.
  • Poeladians further evolve, They resemble today's humans greatly except that they are 12 feet tall and still retain some primitive facial structure. They develop technologies quickly. Most are red-haired.
  • N. Poxians start to Capture and breed the Conquron-Poxian hybrids, the results are an extremely strong being with immensely thick hide that is about 15 feet tall at the shoulder, very dumb though, but trainable like a horse. They become mounts.
  • S. Poxians pretty much follow their northern cousins changes except that their legs become extremely muscled, able to make quick burst runs of up to 60 mph.
  • The Covenant now encompasses four species and two continents. their cooperation is deeply ingrained in each species racial memory.
  • A. Poxians devolve into incredible but no longer sapient carnivore, they are the dominant predators of the African savannah.

2.63 million

  • The Fudalus land on the Alushon chain of islands which leads them to OTL Alaska.
  • It is agreed in the Union that Fudalus can have their new found land, but agree to not ever having land in Asia, Middle East, or Africa. (Mobians and Fudlaus don't know about Europe).
  • They Fudalus discover rich untouched gold deposits all along the beaches approximately 100 ft down. With their inherent ability to swim deep and hold their breath for long periods of time, up to 20 minutes, they begin to mine the top layer of gold, considering the rest is too far down for them to reach. They use a pick axe and a hammer & nail tools.
  • A young Fudalus scientist discovers how they could hold their breath longer and how they can dive deeper, but alas he dies before perfecting it. He does, however, bring the attention to the masses that there is a way to dive deeper and thus the Republic begins a secret project to find out how to dive deeper without killing the man and see if they can give the person air instead of holding it. The research continues. (it will take approximately one-third post for them to find out how and another one to find out how to properly use it without killing the man inside; these would not be my post. It well take them three after that to perfect it.)
  • The Covenant completely domesticates the Clombi. However, they are an unruly pet to have and are only used in times of war or when needed to guard prisoners.
  • The Sasquatchuan meet the Britannicari as they both expand. When offered to join the Covenant, they refuse, opting for a freer life.
  • Rhoran & Fedeledi both acquire what territory belonged to the A. Poxians. They begin to have a dislike for one another.
  • The S. Poxians take some A. Poxian land and meet the Rhoran. They begin to have good relations due to their similarities to the A. Poxians.
  • The Poeladians expand into N. Poxians and S. Poxians territory, splitting the two from their European counter-parts. Neither care much as they begin to discover and settle more land to the east.
  • Conqoreans begin to have their lands taken from them by all NOW boarding species.
  • Another dose of bad luck strikes when a extremely deadly virus spreads among them, but was somewhat contained (only spreading by touch) by all three of the other species (Rhoran's replace N. Poxians in being the third nation infected)
  • Fudalus hear about this and start to close their ports with the Mobians, in fear of it spreading. The Mobians at first don't know why they are doing it, but when a diplomat arrives they quickly see why and agree that they should for a SHORT wile (one turn that is not this one)
  • Fudalus invent the first ship that can wheel from the port to a in-land river where it can take off, these boats resemble the viking ships of OTL. They decided to line the wheel with bronze in order to keep the wheel's form being destroyed on transport. When investigating further inland in Alaska, they begin to use this to a great amount.
  • The Mobians do not wish to use it as they need their wood & bronze for other things, like fending back the HORDES of Conqoreans.

2.62 million

  • Even though the Sasquatchuan thought the Columbi were unintelligent. This was untrue. Since Columbi converse through a series of thermal vents opening and closing, they simply couldn't understand each other. However, the Columbi had now developed a written language. and submitted a proposal for them to join the Covenant primarily as its naval/seafaring arm. However, the Columbi being fierce individualists, there is an allowance for them to peacefully succeed. The Covenant, falling behind in naval technology, agree, and the Covenant now have five species. A subspecies of the Columbi on OTL Vancouver island has discovered that, by opening and closing thermal vents on their bodies, they can propel themselves through the water at great speed using convection currents. A southern subspecies has been created in OTL Nevada, that has grown to be 3 m tall at the shoulder. At this point, Columbi can receive infrared from their vents, giving them a 360 degree view in infrared. They have also learned that, by digging trenches to a stream or river, they can irigate crops much easier. A population boom forces many north and west.

Evolutionmap2 2

2.61 million


  • The Britannicari start building settlements and farming. Small religious groups develop. So far no sign of an ascent to nationhood. The Covenant settle in some majority Britannicari areas.
  • A member of a Mobian league of assassins (similar to OTL Ninja) kill the Conqoren Khan. This causes civil war in the Conqoren Nation, as several Generals fight for the right to rule.
  • The North Poxians and the Mobians take atvantage of the chaos in the Conqoren Nation, and promptly invade. The North Poxians invade from the north in Siberia, the Mobians invade from the south in China.
  • A Mobian-North Poxian summit reaches an agreement. They would divide the Conqoren territory between each other. The Mobians get Mongolia and pieces of southern Siberia, while the North Poxians get the rest.

2.6 million


  • The Britannicari expand into the Arctic and a sub-species known as Polar Britannicari develop. They are similar to normal Britannicari but are specialy adapted to deal with the icy weather and lack of water.
  • The Columbi travel farther north toward the northern coasts.
  • The Fudalus expand farther into OTL Alaska.

2.59 million

  • The Columbi have sucessfully developed a ship much like OTL longship, but with large tubes at the bottom. Sea Columbi crawl into these and use their thermal vents to move at great speeds. They discover the Fudalus colony in Alaska and open diplomatic relations with them. They also expand into previously Britannicari lands. Sasquatch scientists also discover that, if a Columbi is placed in an enclosed room full of water, the heat vents create massive amounts of steam, and, if contained in tubes with simple pistons, can create huge amounts of power. Columbi scientists also manage to breed buffalo into 3m tall creatures not unlike elephants. These are used as pack animals and mounts for Sasquatch and Qhixquaxil warriors where Columbi were previously used.
  • Conqoren land is completely taken by the N. Poxians and Mobians, with Columbi breeders, experts in genetics, breeding them into the perfect slave race for the Poxians and Mobians.

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I Will

2.58 million

  • Fedeledi expulse some Rhoran on central Africa.
  • Interbreeding starts between Rhoran and Fedeledi
  • Interbreeding starts between the many Poxians and Fedeledi, again.
  • Interbreeding starts between Poeledians and Fedeledi
  • The recent increase in breading between Poxians and Fedeledi again causes a massive Poeladian population boom. Poeladians start to out compete both S. Poxians and Fedeledi in the area. However, populations of Fedeledi and S. Poxians survive due to better adaption to the area so they won't be wiped out.
  • Several distinct S. Poxian cultures start to rise. The chaks peacefully trade with the Rourans and have adopted the Rouran faith as well. The shaks place a huge importance on fishing and have multiple sea gods they worship, they build Mayan style temples. The Dindai mingle with the Mobians and start a trade business with them, they adopt whatever religion the Mobians have, if any. The Dundar are a hardworking agrarian culture, they are known for the wearing of red paints. Finally, The Tukhuh, vicious imperialists and conquerors who have war gods, the would be similar to OTL Persian and Hunnic empires that follow a bhudist/viking belief system.

2.57 million Years Ago

  • Evolutionmap2.4

N. Poxians force the Conqorens' out of large parts of their northern area.

  • Sasquatchuans' colonize the Caribbean.
  • A small colony ship crashes in Africa, introducing the Matoran.
  • The Tukhuhs start to take the rest of the territory in the middle east
  • Sasquatchans begin to live in and around Formian Hives in South America, and Formians begin constructing hives in North America and the Caribbean.

2.56 million

  • Columbi and Sasquatchuans begin to encroach on the Britannicani territory and fisheries.
  • S. Proxians develop the wheel.
  • Sasquatchuans become fully integrated into the Covenant, and hive-cities spring up among the Columbi.
  • The four Covenant races begin to develop a common language

800px-Evolutionmap2 3

2.55 million

  • All of the more evolved species begin to form nations from large grouping of their species. Soon the world see the rise of large and some very powerful nations, as previous attempts at centralizing a government backfired, the Fudalus where able to have a large navy because of cooperation between the many city-states.
  • Three governments for the Fudalus. These three have allied with each other for trade, though most of the grande navy is still apart of the Grand Fudalian Republic (Fudalian Grandean Republic).
  • Several Rhoran nations appear. The biggest being Impuriamon Rhorian (Imperial Rhoria), it has a strong land force, but not much in the way of defense.
  • So far there is still only one Mobian nation. The Mobian territory is still united by the Mobian Empire established about a hundred million years ago.
  • Three N. Poxian nations form.
  • Six Poladian nation's form.
  • Three Columbi nations form.
  • Three Sasquatchean nations form.
  • Two Formian & Qhiquaxill nations form.
  • 12 Fedeledi nations form (being the most 'evolved', they had a HIGH likelihood of forming many nations).
  • ALL former treaty's and unions are still supported by these many nations.
  • Fudalus perfect diving technology and also start to copy the star fish in designing star forts, getting most of the material from the Ocean if the land doesn't produce enough of said material (the Diving tech was done BEFORE the split; The Star forts are Grand Fudalian Republic's). The forts are build around cities and ports; especially ports.

2.4 million

should have waited

  • The Rhoran Empire, consisting of all Rhoran territories, is established, by Rhoran Emperor Chakel I. Emperor Chakel strengthens the Rhoran military and modernises agriculture.
  • A religion begins spreading through the four races of the Covenant. Its central tenets include the natural right of the Covenant races to rule the world. The religion is headed by four High Priests, one from each species.
  • The new Covenant religion is quickly adopted by all for races almost completely.

2.39 million

  • Fedeledi make their last major evolution, as their heads expand.
  • Intensive agriculture is made.
  • On Florenze (OTL Florence) a culture almost equal to the OTL Renaissance, but slightly more rustic is developed.
  • Adoration to a several amount of gods (Fepollo, Leuz, etc.) and to early scientific knowledge appears within the Fedeledi and quickly expands.
  • The Fedeledi's appearance is almost permanently settled. They look like rather titanic men with rather large and very slightly disproporsionate heads, similar to OTL Olaf Stapledon's Fifth Men of Last and First Men.
  • Most of the Fedeledi nations adopt monarchies called Duchies.
  • Fedeledi duchies construct great stone cities following the example of the capital Florenze, such as París and Londres, Timbuktu and Madrid.
  • the governments of the Columbi, Sasquantchuan, and Qhiquaxil-Formian governments are substantially undermined by the new religion.
  • The Four High Priests of Covenantism are them most powerful beings in the America, and possibly the world, and are able to wield enormous influence with the general population of most of the Americas.
  • The Mobians develop a religion, which is similar to OTL Taoism.
  • The Mobians start funding the pro-Mobian South Proxian state, the Dindai. They supply them with weapons, training and Mobian soldiers to help them in the inevitable war with the Tukhuh.

2.38 million

  • The Covenantist High Priests all secular rulers must swear oaths of loyalty to them, creating the True Holy Covenant, or Covenant for short. all the major Rulers of North America agree, except for the Britanniacari (because they aren't part of the alliance of species). the Covenant begins systematically exterminating the Britannicari.

2.37 million

  • The Rhordans develop a religion similar to OTL Roman Catholicism.
  • The Britannicari are almost driven off the main north American continent.
  • the Sasquatchuan and Columbi begin building bigger and more durable ships, and taking them farther and farther from shore.

2.36 million

  • The Covenant formalize their religion, with these main tenets:

1: All founding members (Columbi, Sasquatch, etc.) are superior in all ways to other races.

2: All liars, murderers and thieves have broken the Covenant and are thus treated as non-beings.

3: Defense of the Covenant is above all, including family.

  • The Britticani in Columban captivity have been bred into a perfect slave race, and are now being shipped all over the Covenant for labor.
  • Development begins on a new weapon that propels projectiles great distances by using a composite bow placed onto a wooden stock. Covenant adapt this as their main weapon.
  • Rhorans begin to push against the Fedeli in Africa.

2.35 million

  • Fedeledi, outraged by the disappearance of one of their nations, and tired of the Rhoran competence in North and West Africa, attack. Although they are defeated on most of the plains of the Sahara, the Fedeledi nations are able to push the Rhorans back using advanced bow and arrow that the Rhoran didn't have.
  • Fedeledi religion advances until it becomes the greatest religion. Images of Fepollo and Leuz can be seen on every city. An encyclopedia is published on a stone basis (work started on year 2,349,000 and ended on year 2,344,999).
  • At the same time, the Rhoran nations start appearing as the Empire falls.

2.34 million

  • The Polar Britanicai agree to join the covernant in exchange for limited autonomy.

2.33 million

  • The Rhordans acquire the Fedeledi advanced bow and arrow, and sign a peace with them. The Rhordan nations are unified once again by Izek the Great. Izek consolidates his position of emperor as being supreme ruler.
  • A Columbi ship lands on the coast of Africa. They take the local Fedeledi captive, and return to the High Priest to tell them about the new lands to the east. The Covenant begins building a massive invasion fleet.

2.32 million

  • A Rhoran scientist discovers the existence of smallpox.
  • The Covenant invasion fleet lands on the African coast. they destroy the Fedeledi nation there and begin establishing hives.

2.31 million

  • Rhorania, as the Rhoran nation is now called, takes back OTL Egypt from the Fedeledi. They then make first contact with the Covenant. A Rhoran scientist also develops the first vaccine for smallpox.
  • The Covenant advances deeps into Africa, and North into OTL Spain, France and Italy.

somebody please make a map reflecting the changes.

2.3 million

  • Fedeledi nations, mentally and phisically superior to the Covenant, as the Covenant weakened on the voyages and had to do interbreeding to survive. The stronger Fedeledi are able to expulse the Covenant, while the Rhoran Empire makes unconditional peace, returning OTL Egypt. African Fedeledi nations join together.
  • The Rhoran start un-evoluting. Their brains and bodies get smaller but more resistant to heat as the East African climate, the future equivalent to the OTL Sahara, becomes desertic.

2.29 million

  • Glaciers in OTL Greenland engulf OTL Canada and most of northern OTL Europe, due to falling global tempatures. Pretty soon there is a ice age, just like OTL.

Somebody please make a map marking the expanding glaciers.

2.28 million

  • All of Europe minus OTL Scandinavia, Iceland and a small part of the northern Britannic Isles is free of glaciers because of stronger and hotter winds coming from the forming deserts on Eastern Africa and Arabia, while the Covenant lands' temperatures average start dropping.

Somebody please make a map reflecting the changes.

2.27 million

  • Columbi scientists combine their research with crossbows and steam power, creating a steam-powered crossbow (think a semiauto version of Van Helsings crossbow). It is quickly adopted by Covenant forces. Tests show that the Columbi versions of the steambows (five ft long for the Columbi) can fire 200 bolts a minute in a cyclical fire rate, however, the 20-bolt cylinders limit this. The design is a closely guarded secret, and several Fedeledi agents were caught trying to get away with one. They were killed.
  • Formian researchers find that by sprinkling the expanding glaciers with black cloth, they can stall the advance. Much of the Columbi and Arctic Britaniccani lands previously glaciated are now ice-free.
  • Increased unrest among the Covenant prompts the High Priests to issue the Declaration of the Rights of Sentients, allowing more political, economic, religious and social freedoms. This begins the Covenants long policy of noninterferance with economics.
  • The Columbi begin using steam technology to power ships. the Formian hive leaders use selective breeding methods to increase the size of their soldiers. the Formian soldiers are now the same size as the Fedeledi, and are stronger than them.

2.26 million

  • Temperatures around the world, even in the Arabian and African deserts, drop 40 degrees. Glaciers now reach as far as southern OTL Austria, and in North America, reach OTL Mexico. Australia and Antarctica are both completely covered with glaciers.

2.25 million

  • Glaciers recede, and Covenant forces take Iceland and much of Scadinavia from the Fedeledi, putting in huge hives hidden in the deep fjords and valleys. Captured Fedeledi are bred into slaves for the Covenant.
  • Covenant forces take much of what had been Fudalus territory in Alaska.
Evolutionmap7 4

2.24 million

  • The glaciers come back again, and the Great Ice Age begins, which will last for the next two million years at most. Global temperatures fall almost 100 degrees, and the African Desert becomes a taiga. Convenant forces freeze to death, allowing the Fedeledi to strike back.
  • the Covenant forces retreat from Europe, only engaging in the occasional raid. Their main invasion force lands in Africa, for the second time. Thanks to their superior technology, they conquer much of West Africa, and exterminate any Fedeledi living their. they replace the natives with massive hive-fortresses, which are fortified with huge siege weapons and thousands of soldiers.

2.23 million

  • Glaciers reach OTL Iraq in Asia and in North America reach OTL Gutemala. All of Australia and Antarctica are also covered with glaciers. Glaciers appear in OTL eastern China.

2.22 million

  • Columbi and Formians begin to build massive hives/burrows that are adapted for being covered by glaciers for hundreds of thousands of years. Vast tunnel networks connect them, and the slave races (captured Fedeledi and Britianicanni) continue to expand these, creating whole ecosystems and farms carved into the rock. All factories are moved underground, and the industrial output of the Covenant booms as the Fedeledi and Mobian industrial areas are destroyed. Columbi scientists theorize that genes can be carried down unnoticed through many generations before being activated. They incorporate this into the breeding of the slaves, creating a "suicide gene" to prevent revolt.

2.21 million

  • All of China is now covered by glaciers. Glaciers also appear in OTL Egypt, and also spurt up in OTL Amazon Rainforest. The Rhorans adopt the Columbi-Formian system of building underground tunnels that connect underground eco-systems and homes.
Ev 4

2.2 million

  • The Fudalus begin to build large underground cities. They are supported by concrete and metal beams and well as haveing these in more of an triangle they find it able to support more wait. Fudalus begin to move into these and also start to set up large amount of water and food supplies. This entails a combination of both aqueduct and moving their sources of food into underground farming centers. A two small tunnels and a 60 degree slope make for perfect ventilation, as they vent into the cold ice and then the cold air and water come back down.
  • Fudalians make one last large prayer to their gods, and then look in what many would call an early telescope. They see that an asteroid the size of OTL Manhattan is on its way. They also calculate that it well hit OTL Cuba (they think it is water). the math is nearly 85% accurate, meaning if it don't hit OTL Cuba, it is still going to the Americas. (it is so accurate because of their two brother gods that they pray to and because they use the stars extensively for navagation).

2.19 million

  • The Fedeledi begin to die out, due to the cold and to the fact they have not adopted the underground living system.

Please make a map reflecting the changes

2.18 million

  • The Mobians adopt the underground living system.

2.17 million

  • The Fedeledi adopt the underground living system.
  • Greenland becomes a tundra in which it is impossible to live, extinguishing the P.Britannicari excepting on the southern coasts of Greenland.
  • Iceland, West Africa and Scandinavia are recuperated by the Fedeledi when they evolve so that one can destroy a Covenant hive.
  • The Covenant propose a truce to the Fedeledi, which they accept.


2.16 million

  • Glaciers now cover almost all of North America, turning it into a OTL Greenland like-tundra, with OTL Antarctica like glaciers and ice packs in the far north and south. The ocean levels also drop, and OTL's Arctic Ocean freezes completely.

2.15 million

  • The impact of the asteroid hits the glacier directly above Cuba. Little is affected, however; the high priests astronomers took the impact as a sign that they should strive to reach for the stars. While this is primarily a religious observation, the Columbi become interested and develop a primitive telescope, as well as experiment with various ways of trying to fly.

2.14 million

  • The remaining Fedeledi begin to adapt to the new glaciers and solidify their hold on OTL Northern Africa.
  • The Mobians adapt to the harsher climate by developing a thicker layer of fur. They also create better ways to heat themselves and their homes.
  • The Mobians become the first people to mine coal to provide heat for their houses.
  • Glaciers cover much of the world (Gray lines)
  • The P.Britanicari (Who were already adapted to the cold) take control of some lands in OTL Europe.

2.13 million

Somebody please make a map reflecting the changes

  • The glaciers now cover all of OTL Africa. They also cover all of Asia and North America. Some early glaciers appear in OTL Cuba.Glaciers transform NA, turning it into a OTL Greenland like-tundra, with OTL Antarctica like glaciers and ice packs in the far north and south. The ocean levels also drop, and OTL's Arctic Ocean freezes completely
  • Columbi develop gliders that work underground by using thermals from the earth.



  • N. Poxian population explodes due to the glaciers making it much easier to perform underwater swimming to find large whales and seals they can trap by cornering them by the surface in groups, land game are also easier to capture thanks to the ice cutting off places to hide.
  • S. Poxians hear from the Fedeledi and Rouran about the covenant and the hive cities, the build their own underground cities and they become even closer as a race. S. Poxians adopt the special "war-beasts" of the N. Poxians.
  • Can someone put an up-to-date map in?

2.12 million

  • During the begining of this ten millennia, the Ice Age is at its crudest age. Because of that, Greenland, Iceland, Scandinavia, and many of the Polar Britannicari islands become uninhabitable.
  • Thinking of this ages as a disastrous period, and understanding that the Fedeledi map is as good as theirs, the Covenant offer membership to the Fedeledi.
  • Mobian populations shrink.
  • By the end of this period, some northern ice caps start melting.
  • Population of the Fedeledi goes up.
  • Evolution2123123


  • The glaciers now cover the entire world. The Ice Age is at it's height and will continue for the next half-million years. OTL Great Britain is now uninhabitable.

Ev 434


  • Global tempatures are now 190 degrees below freezing.


  • The Covenant, tired of war against the Fedeledi, accept their offer of membership under the condition that they become a subservient race to the rest of the Covenant. They accept, and the Covenant holdings in Africa formally become the Covenant Free Trade Zone. Population and industry booms there. Fedeledi are used by Covenant armed forces as standard infantry, equiped with Nagightas (look them up) and steambows.


  • The Fedeledi are given full independence by the Covenant and are given the Covenant Free Trading Zone.
  • Ice caps go down dramatically. Global temperatures go up to minus 40.



  • Global temperatures are at freezing for the first time in eons.
  • Contrary to popular belief, the Mobian race was not adversely affected by the ice age. Their growth was stopped, but their population mainly stayed the same.


  • Temeperatures finally reach 59 degrees average across the world. The Ice Age, having lasted for some one million years, is finally over.


  • Open-air gliders are developed and used by Covenant messengers and the Sasquatches create a battalion for the exclusive use of these for recon. These have a range, depending on wind, from 20 miles to 80 miles. They can circle almost indefinitely on thermals, and are extremely useful for observation.
  • Conflict begins with the Rhorans over Africa, and the Covenant begin to make gains.


  • The Rhorans re-gain their losses and sign a truce with the Covenant. Meanwhile, the Great Heat Stroke begins, with temperatures reaching 119 degrees in some areas. What is left of the glaciers in Greenland melt, causing world ocean levels to irise.


  • Covenant forces prepare a massive invasion fleet to invade the Rhorans again. The steambow is improved with a sring-loaded retractor, giving them full-auto capabilities.
  • Covenant military is as follows:

mainline infantry:Fedeledi and Sasquatch

Shock and heavy troops: Formian and Columbi

Recon and light troops: Columbi and Qhiquaxil

Cavalry (on buffalo/ mammothback): Sasquach

Naval and Marines: Columbi and Arctic Brit.


  • The Rhorans capture and adopt Convenant technology and build defenses on their coasts. They continue negoitations with the Convenant for peace.


  • Covenant agree to a peace, and offer the Rhoran full membership in the Covenant if they serve as labor for 10,000 years. The invasion fleet is turned towards the N. proxians. The Rhorans accept the offer, their Empire is now puppets of the Convenant.


  • Fudalian's open talks with ALL reaming nations-states to see if they would like to join a free-trade alliance with them and the Mobians.
  • Fudalus Navy is restored to twice of what it was and with some new innovations on shipbuilding and ship arming, they quickly become the worlds most devastating and powerful navy. Fudalu's HATE the fact that their lands in Alaska where taken and demand them back or face the consequences.
  • Most of the Fudalus navy is equipped with a small cousin to the land ballista, they fire barrels that are filled with this strange black liquid. To keep the barrels from catching on fire early, they are not lit until launch. That and the other innovation that allows their ships to move extremely fast and stay maneuverable (the shark scale tech made into smooth side plating for the ships, they have increased with to compensate for the increased weight), thus making them able to fire on the run at 55 mph.
  • A raid is performed by them on a Covenant military site, and they are able to make off with the steam power crossbow. it well take a couple centuries, but eventually they well unlock the real power of this device. The Fudalus also at this time set up a blockade the African East coast and the southern ocean, to find off any attacks from the Convent.
  • The Pacific is under 70% Fudanlan control.


  • The Yellowstone Super-Volcano goes off(200,000 years after it did in OTL), severely weakening the Convenant.
  • Earth enters a volcanic winter.
  • Mobian scientists develop a powder that explodes when heated. So far it can only be used for celebratory fireworks. The Mobians, recognizing its stategic potential, kill any spies in their midst.
  • The Tukuh launch an ill-advised attack on the Dindai. The Dindai and Mobian soldiers easily manage to repel the invasion, and even launch their own.



  • As the northern areas become habitable, they are colonized by Covenant members. Fedeledi get Scandinavia and Iceland, while that the Columbi get Greenland.
  • Ash from the Yellowstone gets thicker, making masses of land on the places they settled.
  • The Tukuh South Proxian nation's territory is fully occupied by the Dindai-Mobian alliance, and annexed to Dindai. The Dindai nation starts developing a culture, and language, similar to OTL Korea's.



  • A second Ash eruption, more powerful then the first, spurts from the Yellowstone Volcano.
  • The Mobians purchase the Rhoran Pakistani territory in exchange for an unknown amount of gold. The true figure does not leave the negotiation table. They also bring the Rhoran into the alliance they have with the Fudulus.
  • Fudulus move their navy against Covenant naval locations. leaving half of their new massive navy for defending the homelands.
  • The Mobians and the Dindai split the uncontrolled territory between themselves.


  • Ash now covers OTL United States.
  • Both Poxian species join the Fudalus alliance, having heard horror stories about the covenant. South Poxians are now more or less technologically on par with everyone else, North Poxians are lagging but only slightly. Poxians by this time had adopted the black explosive goo to use on long polls that explode when put on pressure against something, they are called fire lances to Poxians and are extremely deadly, A bow shot version is also put into service. Poxian-Conquron hybrid war beasts are now bred into obedience and are extremely large, think the size of two and a half elephants.
  • A brilliant Mobian scientist creates a design for a primitive form of artillery using the sticky explosive goo. The device fires explosive arrows, and has potential to be a frighteningly effective anti-personnel weapon. It is virtually identical to the OTL Hwacha. He also makes designs for a primitive form of cannon. He dies before he could attempt to shrink this cannon to portable size.
  • The Qhiquaxil demand their own "holy land" like the other three founding races, the covenant of course agrees, by this time the Qhiquaxil have evolved into birdmen and specialize in scare tactics like large flashy coloured feather, masks, ornaments, etc..
  • Using a huge labor force, the Covenant digs a massive canal across Panama, letting their navies move quickly between the Atlantic and Pacific.


  • Covenant engineers build a steamship with a hydraulic launcher which can launch gliders into the air, and lets them launch bombing attacks on enemy ships.
  • Fudalian diplomats have made a new agreement between Mobians, Northern Poxians, Southern Poxians, and the Rhoran people, this new agreement outlines what roughly can be called a equivalent with the OTL NATO.
  • Rhoran, Southern Poxian, Northern Poxian's all move their military's onto the borders they share with the Covenant; the Covenant do the same.
  • Fudalus and the Mobians begin working on an agreement to unionize them, much like OTL European Union.
  • Fudalian scientist make the first ever submarine (it is steady, but not recamended for war YET, they hope to have it perfected withen the next 10,000: a side hope is to make a steam one, but it is unclear how to yet). It is very much like the OTL Turtle, but much faster because of the teamed whales and such that pull it at much greater speed. They also begin work on a steam-powered boat of their own, it well take them 10,000 years to perfect such technology, but when done it well be a streamlined model of the ships they have now.
  • Poeladians become fierce worriers, having both the advantages of the Fedeledi and the Northern Poxians. They, however, decide to take neither side and begin to let people in that wish to not take part in this "event" either.
  • The covenant designs special bombs that glide toward their target, so they can be launched by a piston from a great distance, allowing Covenant gliders to attack Fudalus ships.
  • The Covenant launches a massive invasion of the allies, and their advanced technology allows them to win on land, and keep the Fundalus at bay at sea.. they isolate the Rhorans from the rest of the alliance, and capture Chaks and Shaks, as well as OTL Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan. they build huge fortifications along the border, and successfully repel a massive counter attack, and inflict almost 70% fatalities on the Alliance ground forces.
  • Fuddalus military scientist discovers that with very little modification, the AA-Steambolts can fire faster and are stronger then their more normal brother-n. This is installed on most of their ships that are not engaged in combat.
  • With this, Fudalain's realize that most of the Covenant land forces are in Africa and the middle east. In the most massive attack yet, the Fudalians are able to launch landing craft full of rough and ready, extremely agitated North Poxians that are accompanied by some Fudalian marines on the shore of OTL Oregon and the Panamanian Canal. These places fall quickly to their forces, they also inadvertently kill two high priest that where on their way to meet with the others. The two high priest are the one from the Colombi [where they where killed(OTL Oregon)] and the one from the Formian (OTL Panama). This cripples the Pacific fleets of the covenant, and makes the ones in the Atlantic stuck there.
  • An N. Poxian engineer develops an engine that can use the black goo as an energy source.
  • An interest in flight among the people along with the pressure of invading troops causes the S. Poxians to invent their own gliders and war kites, they use they war kites to fly down on covenant troops in ambush attacks, this are extremely successful and many of the covenant outposts suffer from messengers being killed and soldiers become disorganised.
  • A Rogue band of Qhiquaxil, having become disgruntled of feeling forgotten cause major troubles on the home front, being able to fly they are very hard to catch, find or kill.
  • A sentient, resembling OTL's Uakari appears on the grassland of South America.

Don't delete this pic, it is up to date.



  • Covenant use their massive hordes of Fedeledi and Brit. slaves to overrun the southern invasion point. Columbi, angered at the death of their priest, hurl themselves at the beachhead, and almost completely destroy it.
  • New ships have been produced using a strange black goo found in Qhiqaxquatl territory. These, combined with gliders carrying loads of namptha rockets, are enough to destroy the alliance fleet sent to land the troops.
  • Thanks to most of the Fudalians and Mobians being in Covenant territory, Rhoran troops occupy Madagasgar.

still wrong militaries, and the Rhoran have been attacked by a supposed ally last "post", I think that says something about how they treat their "allies"

  • Thanks to new victories throughout the world, the Covenant offers membership to the Polaxians, the only neutral nation. They accept, and sweep across much of the N. Poxians territory.

Evolutionmap2 3


  • The strain of the war is too great for the Covenant. Fedeledi and Brit. slaves have won the help of Rhordan scientists, who remove the sucide gene, and with Rhordan weapons, they raise up in rebellion against the Covenant. By the end of the year, they win and call off the war.


  • Fedeledi, Brit. and Rhoran make an alliance to prevent the wrath of the remains of the Covenant.
  • The original Fedeledi religion sweeps across the country.
  • Poeledians soon join the alliance.


  • The Second Great Ice Age begins, when all of OTL Greenland is covered by glaciers and pack ice. Glaciers also appear in OTL Northern Russia and in OTL Norway. Global tempatures fall to minus 60 degrees.


  • Because of the Great Heat Rush, the glaciers on OTL northern Greenland stay but the ones on OTL Russia, Norway and Southern Greenland melt. The average global temperature is fixed at 25 degrees Celsius.
  • A new religion, Jehovanism, sweeps the Columbi and Fudalus. They both join the Alliance.
  • Columbi channel geothermal heat through their burrows to melt the ice around their territory, and they stay ice-free.


  • The Great Heat Stroke is overtaken by the Second Great Ice Age. Glaciers in OTL Russia, Norway, and Southern Greenland grow back. Glaciers also appear in OTL Italy, and OTL Canada.


  • The Mobians use the knowledge they learned in the last ice age. Their already-existing underground cities allow them to survive the ice age rather well.


  • Temperatures reach their lowest peak, and Fedeledi start living underground, opening steam vents so that the underground cities don't freeze. OTL Italy starts unfreezing because of the steam vents.


  • The Second Ice Age re-bounds, with OTL Italy freezing again. Temperatures fall even lower, to almost minus 200 degrees. The underground cities do not provide much protection anyhow, as freezing tempatures start flowing in.


  • Steam vents get stronger, re-heating the underground cities and melting the South European Glacier. Temperatures go up to -40.


  • Columbi develop gunpowder, and a subspecies has completely split off (genetically). These are completely adapted to the hives, and begin to raise mushrooms in gigantic underground plantations.
  • All nations have now joined the alliance except for the Mobians and the Formians.
  • Fudalians go underground to their cities. They see the steam engine tech to keep it humid and nice for them.

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