Icarus Reality firearms evolved without the invention of the Machine Gun or Armor Piercing Rounds. In general, they fire explosive "Shard" rounds to pierce armor.


  • Musket: The first firearm widely deployed. It fires a round bullet. The musket was phased out of active service around the world due to the invention of near-armor.
  • Light Cannon: A transitory stage between Repeaters and Muskets. Fired a primitive shard round.
  • Shotgun: A weapon used mainly by hunters, and nearly useless on the battlefield. The only time these weapons saw action was in the African Wars.
  • Repeater: A shard round firing weapon with a gas-loading chamber. Like all shard round weapons, it has a large bore. Larger, more rapid-firing versions have been adapted for modern troops.
  • Volley Gun: A weapon invented between the Light Cannon and Repeater, and still in use today. The Volley gun has multiple barrels, usually six or more. These barrels can be fired independently or together, and loaded separately. Used as a side arm by modern troops, but traditionally a rifle.
  • Spingun: A multi barrelled weapon, invented just before the Mongolian Air War. The weapon spins its barreles using jets of flammable gas. This gas then is compressed into the bullet tubes, igniting them. The weapon has the greatest fire rate known. The two main variation are the Heavy Spingun, which fires classic shard rounds, and the Light Spingun, which has more barrels and fires light, civilian bullets. The Light Spingun is a huge asset in air combat due to its greater rate of fire.

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(Considered Firearms in the Icarus Reality)

  • Incenderaries: These rockets fly on concentrated liquid fuel. They detonate on impact, spreading a flaming cloud of gas and undetonated fuel. These are especially useful in air combat.
  • Fists: These rockets are released at close range in air combat. They have little or no explosives, and are used to puncture gas cells. Used in the Colonial Alliance and African Confederation only.
  • Wrist Rockets: Extremely small rockets packed with high explosives that are attatched to the wrists of modern armored infantry. These are typically used against ground vehicles, fortifications and troop concentrations.

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