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Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic (Germany wins)

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Suomen sosialistinen työväentasavalta
Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic
Client state of the Soviet Union
Flag of Finland (1918-1920).svg
1918 Flag of Finland (1918-1920).svg
Red flag.svg SKP logo.svg
State Flag State Emblem
Capital Helsinki
Official language Finnish
Religion None (State atheism)
Government Marxist–Leninist Single-party state, totalitarian dictatorship
 - 1918 Kullervo Manner
Prime Minister
 - 1918 Otto Ville Kuusinen
Legislature People's Delegation
Historical era Interwar period Cold War
 - Finnish Civil War 27 January 1918
 - Victory of the Whites 15 May 1918
Currency Finnish markka
The Finnish Socialist Workers' Republic was a short-lived client state.

Later, a new communist Finnish government was built between 1939-1941.

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