Finnish Premier elections 1946
1936December 2nd 1946

Leader Andrew Hakkarainen Armas Äikiä Eino Rahja
Party Socialist Party Communist

Revolutionary Party

Electoral vote 98 39 171
Popular vote 1,238,326 462,005 2,086,599
Percentage 32.7% 12.2 55.1%

Due to world war 2 the 1941 elections were called off by the new Premier Andrew Hakkarainen who stood in for the deceased leader Ali Aaltonen. He began declaring war on Nazi Germany after they invaded the Soviet Union. The Socialist party's popularity began to drop and due to Eino Rahja's diplomatic skills after the war he and his his Revolutionary party began to grow in popularity.


Eino Rahja, the second ever premier to be elected to government.


The last three communist leaders in Finnish parliament before the communist liquidation. This included Armas Äikiä.

By the time of the elections he held sway over half the Finnish population. He was then put in as the second premier to be elected and took control of the government and the Helsinki Socialist. His first order for the party was then to drag the last of the communists to their side, which was achieved on the 4th May 1947, changing the party's name to the Communist-Revolutionary party.

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