Finnish Premier elections 1936
1931November 18th 1936 1946

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Leader Ali Aaltonen Eero Haapalainen Eino Rahja
Party Socialist Party Communist

Revolutionary Party

Electoral vote 191 60 49
Popular vote 1,542,159 595,345 1,448,912
Percentage 43% 16.6% 40.4

By the 1936 elections, the Finns were in a time of great production and health, and the Socialists main enemy, the communists, were losing ground in parliament. They had no need to be afraid of them any more, but instead, they had a new enemy, the Revolutionary Party, which had the new leader Eino Rahja and were gaining seats in the Helsinki Socialist and were gaining votes reaching 40.4% in the election. The election offered the ageing Ali Aaltonen (aged 52 during the election) one more spot as premier as he would die four years later.