Finnish Premier elections 1931
1926November 27th, 1931 1936

[1] [2]
Leader Ali Aaltonen Eero Haapalainen Eino Rahja
Party Socialist Party Communist

Revolutionary Party

Electoral vote 221 70 9
Popular vote 1,760,862 996,043 1,156,121
Percentage 49.5% 28% 32.5%

The 1931 election saw the ruling premier, Ali Aaltonen come to power once more with a larger popular vote than the year before. It also saw the beginning decline of the communists. They had dropped to below one million votes and were bankrupt as a result of a third failed election. On the other hand, the soviet party, which was renamed the revolutionary party in 1929 by the new leader and red general Eino Rahja, was on the increase in popular votes and seats in the Helsinki Socialist due to his ability to sway audiences his way. This would come in handy during the 1946 election.

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