Finnish Premier elections 1926
1921November 28nd, 1926 1931

[1] [2] [3]
Leader Ali Aaltonen Eero Haapalainen Kullervo Manner
Party Socialist Party Communist

Soviet Party

Electoral vote 254 44 2
Popular vote 1,416,387 1,413,015 542,948
Percentage 42% 41.9% 16.1%

The 1926 elections were the first elections in which speeches were made to persuade the people to their view. The first was made at Helsinki voting hall with Ali Aaltonen speaking of his enemy Kullervo Manner with

"This man is not fit to rule a country, as his wish is to bow down to another. He looks at this nation as it must belong to the Soviets, it does not. If he wishes to make another country a puppet of the Soviets let him. He does not have the right to face the nation after all he has done, after trying to forcefully make us a state within the USSR."

Ali Aaltonen speaking, November 10th 1926.
Kuva 64

Eero Haapalainen speaking to a crowd November 23rd.

But when strikes occurred during Ali Aaltonen first Premiership term he used the local police to put down the protesters he lost a lot of support and it almost cost him the race. He barely won the Premiership with 0.01 perecent more than his most aggressive competitor, Eero Haapalainen.

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