Finnish Premier elections 1921
November 15th, 1921 1926

[1] [2] [3]
Leader Ali Aaltonen Eero Haapalainen Kullervo Manner
Party Socialist Party Communist

Soviet Party

Electoral vote 243 63 4
Popular vote 1,719,218 856,365 668,224
Percentage 53% 26.4 20.6

The first elections of the S.W.R.F saw the extremely popular leader Ali Altonen begin his first campaign to become premier. He issued poster after poster and made alliances with minor parties. He out maneuvered his enemies with ease and on th 15th of November, after a month of voting, Ali became the first premier and the longest ruling (1921-1940). His government was at the height of its power during his first premiership but slipped into decline after meeting strikes with physical retaliation.

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