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In the September 1939, Poland fell to the Third Reich and the Soviet Union. While Berlin planned on invading western nations like France, Moscow turned it's eyes to the Baltic states. This leads to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia signing treaties of mutual existence with the USSR. On October 12th, Stalin invites J K Passikivi of Finland to Moscow to discuss the Soviet-Finnish border near Leningrad being moved 25 km westward and the ability to build a naval base on the Hanko Peninsula in exchange for a large part of the Karelian wilderness. In OTL, Finland denies the request. This caused the Winter War. But, what if Passikivi accepts this request?

World War II Timeline

October 12th, 1939: Joesph Stalin invites J K Passikivi to Moscow, USSR. Stalin and Vyacheslav Molotov discuss with him that Finland should move its eastward border near Leningrad 25 km west and that the soviets could get a 30-year lease to build a naval base on the Hanko Peninsula. In return, the Finns would get a large tract of land in the Karelian wilderness. Passikivi went back to Helsinki to discuss the Soviet demands later that day.

October 15th, 1939: Finland accepts the USSR's request after the parliament voted 183-17.

October 19th, 1939: The Finnish-Soviet border was moved 25 km west. Some Finns have to relocate westward in order to maintain Finnish citizenship.

November 1st, 1939: Construction begins of Port Marx on the Hanko Peninsula.

December 19th, 1939: Risto Ryti becomes President of Finland.

December 25th, 1939: Germany launches surprise attacks on Holland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Italy invades France. Japan bombs Los Angeles and launches an invasion into China. Finland starts recruiting men and woman to a reserve army in case of German attack. The United Kingdom, France, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Canada, the United States and China all declare war on the Axis Powers within hours of each other.

December 26th, 1939: The Soviet Union becomes a member of the Axis.

December 27th, 1939: Spain becomes a member of the Axis under Francisco Franco and declares war on France.

January 2nd, 1940: Ambassadors from the nations at war with the Axis all go to Oslo, Norway to determine a plan of attack against Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, and the Soviet Union.

January 3rd, 1940: After many hours of debating, the United Kingdom, France, Sweden, Canada, the United States, Sweden, and China form the The Olso Pact. The pact's main purpose was to eliminate dictatorships in Europe. (Japan was an exception to the U.S and China.)

January 6th, 1940: France falls to both Italy and Spain, Germany conquers Holland and Denmark within hours of each other, the Soviet Union begins attacks on all of the Baltic nations not allied with Germany, and Japan begins an invasion of Los Angeles. France sends all government leaders to French Indochina to keep them safe.

January 7th, 1940: Spain invades Portugal while Germany finishes taking over Norway and Sweden.

January 14th, 1940: Britain withdraws all troops from India and Palestine to go to the U.S in order to counter the Japanese invasion of Los Angeles.

January 15th, 1940: Finland releases a statement that it will stay neutral during the war and will house Jewish refugees from Scandinavian Europe. Their military reaches a peak of 1.6 million men serving and 450,000 women serving in defensive roles.

January 29th, 1940: Germany demands that Finland hands over its Jewish refugees or the Axis will declare war on them.

January 31st, 1940: Finland agrees to Germany's demand. Both nations meet at Tornio, Finland for the exchange. It is soon ruined by a drunk German soldier slapping Field Marshall Mannerheim after thinking that the Field Marshall was one of the prisoners. Finnish troops and the refugees reportedly killed the 4,520 Nazi soldiers on site within 13 minutes.

February 1st, 1940: Finland declares war on the Axis Powers and requests membership to the Olso Pact.

February 3rd, 1940: The Japanese Invasion of Los Angeles is repelled by the 20th Pursuit Group led by Captain Bill Kelso, a militia made of old men and teenagers, and the 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.

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