Suomen Suuriruhtinaskunta (Суомен Сууриручтинаскунта)
Grand Duchy of Finland
Timeline: Triunfa, España!

OTL equivalent: Greater Finland without Estonia, Ingria and Åland
Flag of Finland (state) Coat of arms of Finland
Flag Coat of Arms

Maame (Finnish for)
("Our land")

Anthem "Maame
Untied States Navy Band - Maamme
Capital Turku
Largest city Turku
Other cities Helsinki, Vaasa, Närpes, Petsamo, Oulu, many others
Finnish, Karelian, Ingrian, Estonian
  others Russian, Swedish, Saami
  others Orthodox Church, Roman Catholicism
Ethnic Groups
  others Russian, Balt
Demonym Finn
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Grand Prince Nikolai V
  Dynasty: Romanov
President Tarja Halonen
  water (%) water area
Population 29,500,000 
Established 1817
Independence from Russia
  declared 1817
  recognized 1821
Currency Finnish Markka
Time Zone UTC +2
  summer UTC +3
Calling Code 358
Internet TLD .fi
Organizations EU, CoE, Nordic Council

The Grand Duchy of Finland (Finnish: Suomen suuriruhtinaskunta ) is a nation in Northern Europe. The only nation in Scandinavia that doesn't have a Scandinavian language or is part of the Scandinavian Union, it is politically isolated from the other North European countries.


Although Saami and other Finno-Ugric tribes had inhabited the territory of what today is Finland, it was not until the Swedish Viking expeditions onto Finland that a Finnish identity started to form.

Sweden started invading and colonizing Finnish lands in the IX Century. Slowly forcing the Saami tribes to back up, and subordinating the Finns, Karelians and Estonians living in the territory of what today is Finland. By the early XIII Century, when Denmark, Sweden and Norway fell into personal union as what is currently known as the Kalmar Union, most of Finland was under Swedish rule, and the regions of Åland and Finland Proper were mostly Swedish-speaking.

The Swedish dominion didn't stop when the Kalmar Union disintegrated into Denmark-Norway and Sweden, however. Sweden continued holding Finland under its rule, forcing Swedish as an administrative language and sending many Finnish to colonies. This was not unlike the Irish-British relationship of the XVIII and XIX Centuries.

Finnish dissidents realize they wouldn't be able to break free from Sweden alone, and asked help to Sweden's nearest rival neighbor; Russia. Russia agreed to help the Finnish revolts as long as the new state of Finland would become a Russian vassal state.

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