Suomen Kansallismielinen Tasavalta
Republic of Nationalist Finland
Timeline: Proxima Centauri
Flag of Finland 1920-1978 (State) Logo of the Prime Minister of Finland
Flag Coat of Arms
Finland location (Proxima Centauri)
Location in Blue
(and largest city)
Language Finnish
Buddhism, Confucianism
  others Orthodox
President Timo Soini
Prime Minister Mari Kiviniemi
Established 1918
Currency Nordic Krone

Finland is a nation in Europe.


Finland had originally declared independence in 1918. Soon, Finnish-Russian relations were sour and soon by 1940, the Finnish-Russian war begun. It ended with Finnish victory, and Finland were able to get some land. When Russia collapsed in 1991, Finland were able to annex a few more land.

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