For most of its history, Finland was governed by Sweden. 1227, Yaroslav of Novgorod attacked Finland, but Sweden kept it.

In the peace of Vanhakaupunki 1594 however, Scandinavia had to give Estonia and parts of Finland to Russia.

1715, Sweden entered the war against Vladimir-Suzdal on the side of Novorossiya, to get the once lost parts of Finland and Estonia back, which happened too. But 1785-87, Novorossiya attacked the weakened Sweden, conquered Finland, Estonia.

Since the anti-Russian War

In September 1848, Swedish troops landed at Oulu, started the liberation of Finland. During the Winter of 1848/49, northern Finland was liberated too. In the peace of Constantinople (1852, May), Finland and Estonia became Swedish again.

But when Germany invaded Sweden 1879, Novorossiya used the opportunity to reclaim/-annex Finland and Estonia in Scandinavia.

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