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Himmler decides the best way to gain control of the nation is to work in too the base of the nation: the ministers and bureaucrats that run the day to day operations of Germany. He actively pursues them, and in a few months, is able to build an expanding base of support that stretches between the different ministries and various state governments. On April 17, 1937, he puts his plan into action.

On that day, he announced that he was running for the presidency in the next election, only three months away. He campaigns on a promise of restoring Germany's greatness, although with few actual details. The various ministers he had worked with support him, and the government that he effectively controls is able to make sure his other opponents have to struggle to speak and raise campaign funds. The election is a shoe-in for Himmler, who is able to get over 75% of the votes due to his massive network of support.

Himmler springs into action a few days after his election: suppressing dissent, arresting Socialists and Communists, and banning all other political parties. The Reichstag is packed with his supporters and the military and all major departments are subordinate to him. He has become more powerful than any other dictator in history.

What does Himmler do now?

Deal with the "Jewish Problem"

Rearm the nation

Protect the German's of Europe

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