Welcome to the Financial Wars Timeline, where Europe stands on the brink of war over debts and repayments. This timeline is part of the Live History series of timelines. Look bellow to see News Reports from various news agencies covering the crisis. There are two POD's in this TL before the main events which will be explained bellow.


January 29, 2011: Germany and France threaten war with Ireland and Greece Flag of Germany - BERLIN, GERMANY The German government today said that if Ireland and Greece did not immediately make substantial payments on there massive debt to Germany and France they would have to take aggressive action to recover their loses. This follows a similar threat to Spain last month which resulted in massive repayments to the Germans. The British and Dutch governments have promised to protect the Irish in the result of German or French military action.

January 30, 2011: Germany and France break the Two Plus Four Agreement Flag of Germany - BERLIN, GERMANY The German and French governments today announced that they are ending the Two plus Four agreement which limited German military size. The British government has condemned the move.

January 30, 2011: Commonwealth Combined Chiefs of Staff meet in London Flag of the United Kingdom- LONDON, IMPERIAL FEDERATION The Chiefs of staff of the British Commonwealth and the Netherlands met in London today in order to discus the growing crisis. It was agreed to form a united staff committee to be called the Imperial Chiefs of Staff consisting of Dutch, Imperial and Commonwealth representatives. The Committee also agreed to order all Imperial forces in Germany into the Lower Saxony area so that it could be better defended in the event of war.

January 31, 2011: German Naval Infantry land in Ireland Flag of Ireland - CORK, IRISH REPUBLIC German Naval Infantry today landed in Cork in the Irish Republic as a resulted of the Irish refusal to pay their debts to Germany. They landed at five in the morning to secure the Imperial Federation naval base in Cork and to take out the Irish Navy base to prevent them from launching naval actions against the German and French naval forces off the Irish coast.

January 31, 2011: Imperial Federation declares war on Germany Flag of the United Kingdom- LONDON, IMPERIAL FEDERATION In response to the German invasion Prime Minister Ian Khama has declared war on Germany with the full support of the Imperial War cabinet. Khama, who is the first non-British national in the post since Mandela in the 90's said that the Federation and its allies would do everything in their power to defend the Irish promising that troops would be moved from the Federations African members to Northern Ireland to defend them.

February 1, 2011: RAF, DAF, RN and British Army attack German stronghold in Hamburg Flag of Germany - HAMBURG, GERMANY Imperial Forces today launched a major offensive against the German stronghold in Hamburg. RAF V-Bombers attacked German fortifications in Lower Saxony while Buckaneer SR.4's attacked German and French armoured forces while the RN and DAF launched close assault attacks on Hamburg itself allowing the British army to capture the incredibly important German Army base in Hamburg.

February 2, 2011: Imperial forces launch a major offensive from Hamburg and Denmark Flag of Denmark Flag of Germany - AABENRAA, DENMARK and HAMBURG, IMPERIAL OCCUPIED GERMANY

Imperial and Danish forces today launched a major offensive against German and French forces in Northern Germany, The aim was to form a major Imperial block in North Germany which would allow them to threaten the German capital of Berlin. However, Imperial forces were stopped after meeting up in Lubeck as a combined German army and air force attack drove them back to Neumünster.

February 2, 2011: German scum launch attack on Amsterdam Flag of the Netherlands - AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS German air forces attacked the Dutch city of Amsterdam today with Tornado fighters. Approximately five hundred people have died as German forces took advantage of Imperial assaults in North Germany to avoid the Imperial air defenses.

February 3, 2011: Stalemate on Northern Front Flag of Germany - LUBECK, IMPERIAL OCCUPIED GERMANY Imperial and German forces clashed again on the Northern Front around the city of Lubeck with both sides unwilling to send troops into the city as the memory of the battles of the second world war are still fresh. However, battles have been raging in the outskirts of the city since early this morning.

February 3, 2011: Naval clashes in Mediterranean between the Imperials and India and France, Italy and Germany Flag of the United Kingdom - OFF THE STRAITS OF GIBRALTAR, MEDITERRANEAN In a major Naval battle the likes of which has not been seen since WWII Naval forces from the five Major powers in the war competed for control of the Straits of Gibraltar. Although outnumbered by the French and Italian fleets the Imperials fought well and the arrival of the Indian fleet helped the Imperials to retain control of the straits.

February 10, 2011: EBC and CNN satellite network restored Flag of Australia, US flag 48 stars- CAPE CANAVERAL, USA and WOOMERA, AUSTRALIA The EBC and CNN satellites have been restored today after a week of work by Australian and US scientists. The satellite networks were taken down earlier this week by a French nuclear missile strike which has caused fears that they will not rule out the use of Nuclear weaponry

February 11, 2011: Imperial Troops capture Hamburg.Flag of Germany - HAMBURG, IMPERIAL OCCUPIED GERMANY Imperial and Dutch troops today captured the major German military base in Hamburg when the 1st Armoured Division engaged and destroyed German Army elements with the help of RAF and RN strike bombers. The Danish government has begone the provisional governing of the region although they hope to hand over the more moderate German politicians later in the week.

February 13, 2011: Spain joins the Imperial Cause Flag of Spain - MADRID, SPAIN The Spanish Government today announced that the Spain will support the Imperial cause and that Spanish troops have began attacks at the French territories bordering Spain.

February 15, 2011: French forces counter attack into Spain and capture Barcelona Flag of Spain - BARCELONA, REPUBLICAN SPAIN The French army has attacked Spanish forces in Spain and they have captured the city of Barcelona. Troops from other Imperial countries have been deployed to Spain while the Royal Navy has deployed a task force to the area.

February 19, 2011: Dublin falls to German troops, New Irish government formed in Belfast Flag of Ireland - DUBLIN, REPUBLIC OF IRELAND The Irish Capital of Dublin has fallen to German Naval Infantry and a new United Irish government has been set up with the assistance of the Imperial Federation.

February 21, 2011: Australia sends Naval Task Force to help the Federation and makes official declaration of war Flag of Australia - VICTORIA, AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH The Australian Government has today declared war on the Governments of Germany, France and Italy as it finally fulfilled its promise to the rest of the commonwealth to support them.

February 23, 2011: Poland and Russia declare war on the Imperial Nations 30px Flag of Russia - WARSAW, POLAND AND MOSCOW, RUSSIAN EMPIRE The Russian Empire declared war on the Imperial Federation today because of continued protests in favour of the German Republic.


January 29, 2011: The President of the USA declares American neutrality Flag of the United States - WASHINGTON DC, USA As a result of the growing tensions in Europe President Barrack Obama has declared that the USA would not get involved in any European wars in order to preserve NATO. The Canadian Prime Minister, however, has declared his support for the Federation urging the rest of the Commonwealth to "Stand behind the mother country".

January 30, 2011 : Greece backs down over debts Flag of Greece - ATHENS, GREECE After failing to gain American support the Greek government has agreed to immediately make repayments on its loans to Germany and France, The Greek Government has also imposed harsh financial cuts on the country to repay its debts which has resulted in rioting in Athens and other major Greek cities.

January 31, 2011: Union of India and Canada declare war Flag of Canada Flag of India OTTAWA, CANADA and NEW DELHI, INDIA The Prime Ministers of India and Canada today declared war on Germany and France in line with their promise to the Imperial Federation. Three Canadian divisions have been dispatched to Europe while the Indian Navy has been mobilised to support Imperial forces in the southern hemisphere.

February 1, 2011: Japan declares war on Germany and France Flag of Japan TOKYO, JAPAN Japan today broke the terms of its surrender to the USA by declaring war on the Republics of Germany and France Japans prime minister said that actions by Germany meant that the Germans and French intended to use the war to overthrow the remaining monarchies, something which the Japanese government "Could not allow to happen".

February 3, 2011: Naval clashes in Mediterranean, the USA declares that it cannot allow the straits to fall. Flag of the United Kingdom - OFF THE STRAITS OF GIBRALTAR, MEDITERRANEAN Barack Obama has declared that the USA will take action if traffic is blocked through either the Straits of Gibraltar or the Suez Canal. The USN has deployed two battle groups to the region to protect shipping and while it has promised not to attack Imperial or Republican ships it has said that any attack against neutral shipping will be considered a declaration of war against the USA as will any attempt to block the canal or the straits.


February 1, 2011: German forces invade Denmark to prevent a Royalist Block arrayed against the republics of Germany and France Flag of Germany After rumors of a move by the Scandanavian monarchies to declare war on Germany, German forces took immediate action by invading Denmark to prevent an Imperialist base to the North. Unfortunately this has caused the misguided Scandanavians to declare war on our beloved republic.

February 2, 2011: Italy joins are glorious war Flag of Italy ROME, ITALY Berlesconi today announced that the Italian republic would be joining the war on the side the Germans and French citing the words of the Japanese Prime Minister and saying that this war had ceased to be about money the second that the Scandinavians had got involved and that it was now a war of Ideology not money. The cynical Imperials said that it was because Italy wanted to pay her debts to our mighty nation but we can confirm that Italy doesn't owe our beloved republic any money at all.

Russia Today

January 30, 2011 : Prime Minister Putin refuses to condemn German actions Flag of Russia - MOSCOW,RUSSIA EMPIRE Prime Minister Putin refused to bow to Imperial pressure today and said that if Germany is not interested in Russia, he had no right to condemn them.

February 3, 2011 : Protests begin between Pro-Republican and Pro-Imperial forcesFlag of Russia - MOSCOW, RUSSIA EMPIRE As the continent continues to descend into war forces of Pro-Republican and Pro-Imperial supporters clashed over the Russian governments political stance on the war. Many believe that the ongoing riots are the primary reason for Russia's continued neutral stance on the war as Prime Minister Putin believes that supporting either side may cause his government to collapse.

February 5, 2011 : Russian Citizens celebrate restoration day despite ongoing protests Flag of Russia - MOSCOW, RUSSIA EMPIRE The citizens of the Russian Empire celebrated Restoration day today and celebrations marked the 30 year anniversary of the end of the five year long second Russian Civil war when an Imperial intervention restored the Russian monarchy to the throne.

February 23, 2011:

The Australian

February 21, 2011: WAR!!!!!!! Flag of Australia - VICTORIA, AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH The Australian government has today announced that Australia will support her former Colonial masters in the Imperial Federation. Already an Australian Navy task force has been dispatched to Britain to support the Royal Navy.

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