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Final War of the Roman Republic (Cupiditate Regni Adductus)

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This Cupiditate Regni Adductus conflict should not be confused with the OTL war between Octavian and Antony.

The Final War of the Roman Republic was a major military conflict lasting from 49-44 BC. Nearly all significant Mediterranean powers were involved, and many of them, most notably the Roman Republic were destroyed. The war also led directly to the rise of Parthia, and the division of what remained of Rome into the African Republic and the Roman Empire. At first, the conflict seemed to be just another of Rome's intermittent Civil Wars, in this case between Julius Caesar and Pompey. However, just as the war seemed over, forces of Arsinoe IVkilled Caesar in Alexandria, leading to a power vacuum, which Parthia exploited. While the Romans continued their fratricidal wars, the Parthians overran the Roman east. Eventually, the Pompeians triumphed over the other Roman factions and confronted the Parthians in Greece., halting the latter's advance. Soon afterwards, the Roman civil war continued, leading to the fall of Greece to Parthia and the permanent division of Rome.

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