Filipino-Japanese War (Land of Empires)
Part of the Second World War
Date 24 June 1938- 13 September 1940
Location Philippines, South Pacific Ocean, Guam
Result Imperial Japanese victory
Flag of the Philippines (1943-1945) Republic of the Philippines
Flag of the United States United States
War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Japan
New Chinese Imperial Flag China
Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Philippines (1943-1945) Emilio Aguinaldo War flag of the Imperial Japanese Army Masaharu Homma
200,000 soldiers 50,000 soldiers
300 aircraft
Casualties and losses
16,667 KIA
120,000+ WIA
700 POW
3,000 KIA
10,000+ WIA
10 POW

The Filipino-Japanese War was an armed conflict in the South Pacific involving the Empire of Japan and the American-backed Republic of the Philippines from 1938-1940.

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