Fighters Of Buddha
ក្រុមអ្នកប្រយុទ្ធ នៃព្រះពុទ្ធ
Timeline: Atomic World (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam
Flag of Fighters Of Buddha
Screenshot 8-0
Fighters of Buddha (Light Red)

សូមឱ្យ នេះជា ការឈឺចាប់ ទៅឆ្ងាយ (Khmer)
("Let the Pain Go Away")

Anthem "Sound of Angkor Wat"
Capital Siem Reap
Largest city Phnom Penh
Language Khmer
Religion Buddhism
Demonym Cambodian
Government Survivor Group
Area ~234,000 km²
Population 4,903 (1966) 
Organizations OMRC
Fighters of Buddha (ក្រុមអ្នកប្រយុទ្ធ នៃព្រះពុទ្ធ) is a survivor group which was established in 1962, after the nuclear war. The Fighters was established in Angkor Wat by a meditation master Samlain Sihamoni and his friends. The Fighters are helping the survivors they can find, recruit men and send women and children to Angkor Wat ever since. 


The purpose of The Fighters is to establish a country that worships Buddha and his ideals in the Southeastern Asia. They also want to repair all the damage that their region took during war.


The population is mostly survivors who are saved from towns.

Screenshot 8-0
Gender 0-17 18-40 40-60 60- Total
Male 381 1666 988 153 3188
Female 222 654 621 218 1715
TOTAL 603 2320 1609 371 4903


The group's military is mostly trained men who are recruited survivors. Male people between the ages of 18 and 40 are recruited as fighters. There are currently 1670 fighters (1666 men and four women) fighting for Buddha.

Class GWS TGWS Militia Paramilitary Reservist FTS TOTAL
Hunter-Gatherers 150 200 50 400
Soldiers 200 700 100 1000
Scouts 75 100 25 200
Strategical Minds 15 5 20
Combat Medics 15 30 5 50
TOTAL 440 1045 185 1670


Hunter-Gatherers are appointed to get food and supplies for the group.

Hunters Gatherers Total
300 100 400


Hunters are masters of hunting wild animals in the rainforests of Southeastern Asia. They started to think of new ways to clean animals which would probably be infected after the nuclear war.


Gatherers are masters of collecting berries and fruits of Southeastern Asia. They started to learn (and keep record) about the fruits and berries after the nuclear war. Gatherers also try to learn about supplies and medicine (which one would be most useful? etc.)


Soldiers are the basic elements of an army.

Infantry Brute Archer Woodmen Total
600 200 100 100 1000


Infantries are basic troops, used to capture and evacuate towns.


Brutes are more stronger and resistant than normal troops, used for ambushes and guarding hunter-gatherers.


Since The Fighters don't have many rifles, there are archers using bows. (bows made out of wood which is found a lot around Southeastern Asia, obviously) They also try to make poisonous arrows.


Woodmen are masters of hiding in the forest, using different and unique techniques. They can be used as scouts but since being a woodmen is hard to master, there are not many of them.


Scouts are explorers that always goes before the army, make sure the place they're going is safe. They're also used as messengers.

Strategical Minds

Strategical Minds are brilliant people from both genders and all ages that master and his friends count on. Strategical Minds do a lot of work from commanding armies to governing cities. The most famous one is Jorani Um.

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