It was 1990 and Australia's Liberal Party had a new leader, John Hewson. Hewson had radical plans for the Australian economy, and was tempted to release those plans in a document to the public. However, ultimately, Hewson decided against doing so. Thatcher had not been elected by releasing her monetarist plans, neither had the Fourth Labour Government in New Zealand. Hewson was fine with going down like his New Zealand counterparts, he just wanted to implement his policies first.

Australia's labor party had been riven by internal division, and after numerous attempts, Prime Minister Bob Hawke was finally toppled by his former Treasurer Paul Keating in 1992. Keating was faced with a deep economic recession, and a revitalised, 'moderate' and competent Coalition. Despite his best efforts to defeat them, a new era in Australian history was born, when in 1993, John Hewson and the Coalition reclaimed power.

Australian federal election, 1993
1990 ←
13 March 1993 → 1996
All 147 seats in the Australian House of Representatives

74 seats were needed for a majority in the House
40 (of the 76) seats in the Australian Senate

   First party Second party
Leader John Hewson Paul Keating
Party Liberal/National Coalition Labor
Leader since 3 April 1990 5 May 1992
Leader's seat Wentworth Blaxland
Last election 69 seats 78 seats
Seats won 83 seats 62 seats
Seat change 14 16
Percentage 52.22 47.78%
Swing 2.12% 2.12%

Australia's neo-liberal revolution was about to begin ...

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