Ludwig von Hiedler
Fez Monten was the Sixth and Eighth Prime Minister of the Nordic Republic from 1941 to 1947 and later 1951 to 1955. Monten is regarded as one of the best leaders of the Nordic Republic, mostly due to his leadership in the time after the Sixth War, helping a devastated nation rebuild after the abolition of the world's final absolute monarchy. Monten aligned with the Russians and later signed the CFN Treaty with Russian President Iosif Dzugashvili and Atlantean Chancellor David Cooper. Monten resigned from office in 1947 due to a scandal involving embezzlement and was replaced by the corrupt and inept Dus Völund. Monten was later cleared of the embezzlement charges, having been framed by Völund, and was reelected to a four year term in 1951. Monten died peacefully at his family estate in Mecklenburg.

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