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Nation Dynasty Head of
Head of
Italy Visconti Matteo Matteo 1436 1436 No longer exsistant
Naples Valois Philip I 1543 Elective Monarchy
Kalmar Union Estridsen Margaret Margaret 1353 1353
Scotland Stewart Robert III Robert III 1337 1337
France Valois Louis XII Louis XII 1462 1462
England Lancaster Henry IV Henry IV
Oldenburg Oldenburg Christian V, Conrad I
Ottoman Empire Osman
Bohemia Luxembourg Wenceslaus V Wenceslaus V 1401 1401
Castile Trastámara Henry IV Henry IV 1369 1404 Regency
Holland Wittelsbach Albert Albert 1333 1333
Aragon Trastámara Ferdinand I Ferdinand I 1380 1380
Ferrara d'Este Niccolo III Niccolo III 1383 1383
Gurkani Sultanate Mirza Suleiman Shah Mirza Suleiman Shah Mirza 1457 1457
Epirus Buondelmonti Esau Esau
Savoy Savoy Amadeus VIII Amadeus VIII 1383 1383
Bahmani Sultanate Bahmani Muhammad Shah Muhammad Shah 1447 1486-
Roman Empire Palaiologos Manuel II  Manuel II No longer exsistant
Caliphate (Cairo) Abbasid Malik Al-Najm Al-Akbar Malik Al-Najm Al-Akbar 1403 1403 Theocracy
Naxos Crispo Giacomo I Crispo Giacomo I Crispo 1383 1383 Duchy (No longer exsistant).
Sweden Vasa Kristjen I Vasa Olaf II Vasa 1409 1409 Kingdom
Austria von Habsburg-Wittelsbach Ferdinand I Ferdinand I 976 <1027 Archduchy
Hungary von Habsburg-Wittelsbach Ferdinand I Ferdinand I 976 1000 Kingdom
Bavaria von Habsburg-Wittelsbach Ferdinand I Ferdinand I 976 555 Duchy
Tibet Soham Tezin Soham Tezin Soham 1430
Kingdom of Burma (Bahmani vassal) Restored Hanthawaddy Binnya Kyal II Binnya Kyal II Restored Hanthawaddy does not refer to the OTL restoration after conquest by the Taungoo, but after conquest by the Majapahit.
Maldives Sultanate (Bahmani vassal) Hilaalee Muhammad II Muhammad II
Trebizond Megas Komnenos Alexios V Alexios V 1545 1545
Comancheria (Chiefdom) Ulaan Dynasty Chief Wosbiku Chief Ulaan (deceased) 1662 1640 Ruling Chief of the Tribe
Empire of Ethiopia (Absalute Monarchy) Solomon Dynasty Joshua 1 Joshua 1 1730 1756 Emperor Of All Ethiopians, Monarch of God


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