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Fernando I de Iturbide y Habsburg
Order: 6th Emperor
Term of Office: 2006-
Predecessor: Maximilian I
Date of Birth August 2, 1992
Place of birth:San Francisco, Mexico
Date of Death
Place of Death

Fernando I is the current emperor of Mexico. He is the son of the late emperor Maximilian I who passed away in June 2006. He is now 15 years old. His regency is led by Prince Agustin de Iturbide-Habsburg, younger brother of the former emperor. Fernando's full title is By Divine Providence and the National Congress, His Imperial Majesty, Fernando I de Iturbide y Habsburg, Constitutional Emperor of Mexico, Prince of the Treasury, Protector of the Constitution, and Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces of Mexico.

Preceded by:
Maximilian I
Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)
Emperor of Mexico
Suceeded by:
No Heir Apparent yet
Commander of the Imperial Armed Forces of Mexico
Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)   Government of the Mexican Empire   Flag of Mexico (1821-1823)
The Emperor

List of Emperors | Fernando I de Iturbide-Habsburg

The Government

Mexican Congress | Elections in Mexico | Political Parties | Provincial Government

The Armed Forces

Military of Mexico

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