Ferenc I of Hungary was born in 1531 as François of Bourbon, a French royal sideline.

After the first French-Seljuk War, he received the western part of Hungary as a resurrected kingdom in the peace of Krems. He also was accepted as king by the Slovak Estates in 1577, who had been under Polish protection for some while.

During 1580-87, he conquered the theocracy of Bohemia and added it to his realms.

In the peace of Naples, he also received core Hungary from the Rum-Seljuks, making him one of the winners of the Great Seljuk War.

1607, he re-founded the University of Gran (old capital of Hungary).

Despite his obvious successes, his reign is far from flawless. There is no question that he could never have achieved any of his victories without French help. All through his reign, there were uprisings and incursions of Seljuk troops in his territories.

He died in 1615 and was succeeded by his oldest son Ferenc II, who was nicknamed "the impotent". He also had two younger sons, Louis / Lajos (who was elected king Ludwik of Poland and Charles / Károly.

Predecessor: Ferenc I Bourbon (Chaos) Successor:
Lajos V Ferenc I

King of Hungary

Ferenc II
Jan IV František I

King of Bohemia

František II

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