Ferdinand VII
Portrait of Ferdinand VII
King of Spain and the Indies
Reign 19 March - 6 May 1808
Predecessor Charles IV
Successor Joseph I
King of Mexico
Reign 14 October 1825 - 4 June 1828
Predecessor None
Successor None
House House of Bourbon
Father Charles IV of Spain
Mother Marisa Luisa of Parma
Born 14 October 1784
El Escorial, Madrid, Spain
Died 1 January 1830
Mexico City, Mexico
Ferdinand VII (14 October 1784 - 1 January 1830) was the King of Spain in 1808 and later King of Mexico from 1825 - 1829. He was executed by the Mexican Republican Army on January 1, 1830.

King of Spain

Ferdinand's father, Charles IV, had been killed in the beginning of the French invasion of Spain, so Ferdinand assumed the throne. However, Napoleon's armies continued their march in the country, forcing the new king to flee to the port city of Barcelona. On May 6, 1808, the French Navy began to bombard the city, and French troops landed. Ferdinand then fled the city in a navy ship, and commanded the vessel to head to Mexico. Ferdinand was replaced as King of Spain by Napoleon's elder brother, Joseph, who was crowned Joseph I of Spain. Portugal and Spain eventually merged to become the Iberean Union, with Joseph still as King.

King of Mexico

Commanding the Colony

On December 14, 1808, after numerous stopping points the king's ship made it to Mexico, which was then known as New Spain. He landed in the city of Veracruz, and was taken to the city of Mexico City. Ferdinand made it the capital of New Spain. 

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