Feodor II Lermontov

Czar Feodor Lermontov
Portrait of Feodor II Lermontov

2nd Tsar of Alaska

Predecessor Michael I (Lermontov)
Successor Michael II (Dmitrov)
Born November 10, 1843
Died June 7, 1896
Tsarina Olga Gennadiovna Lermontova
Feodor Mikhailovich Lermontov (Russ: Феодор Михайлович Лермонтов) (November 10, 1843-June 7, 1896), regnal name Feodor II, was the 2nd recognized Tsar of Alaska, reigning from his father's death in 1869 until he was deposed in a violent coup in 1887. He was Tsar during a period of increased growth in Alaska and expansion into the eastern plains of central North America, and expanded the size of the Alaskan government, aligned himself with the Native American tribes to foster peaceful relations in the Plains and tripled the size of the Alaskan military out of fear over the belligerent United States to the south. He waged the enormously controversial and disastrous Alaskan-American War, which resulted in his deposition by a popular uprising led by the Duke Mikhail Dmitrov in 1887. Following his overthrow, Feodor II traveled to France, where he lived out the rest of his years until he died of a stroke in 1896. He sired the Lermontov line, which is the current pretender to the throne of Alaska.