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Armed Forces


  • Personnel:
    • 29,500 Active
    • 46,500 Reserve
  • Main Battle Weapons:
    • Rifle: L1A1 Self Reloading Rifle (Thousands)
    • Submachine Gun: Sten Gun (Thousands)
    • Machine Gun: M2 Browning (300), M1919 (165)
    • Grenade Launcher:
  • Armored Vehicles:
    • Main Battle Tank: Centurion Tank (97)
    • Armored Recovery Vehicle: ARV MK-1 Centurion Armored Recovery Vehicle (21)
    • Armored Personnel Transports: FV-432 (32)


  • Personnel:
    • 1,400 Active
  • Frigates:
    • 2: Leopard-class Frigates
  • Patrol Boats:
    • 17: Harbour Defense Motor Launch

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