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Federative Io Tolese Democratic State (Alternate Asia)

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Federative Io Tolese Democratic State
Renpō Iōjima Jiman Minshu Kokka
Timeline: Alternate Asia

OTL equivalent: Io To, Minami-Tori-shima and Saipan
Iwo Jima Flag Kugi nuki01
Flag Seal
Io To Island
Io To Island on a map, Minami-Tori Shima and Saipan not featured

Io E No Eikō No Tame Ni Danketsu! (Romaji Japanese)
("Unite for the Glory of Io To!")

Anthem "Sarufā"
(and largest city)
Sarufā Toshi
Language Romaji Japanese
Demonym Io Tolese, Iwo Jiman
Government Unitary Parliamentary Presidential Republic
President Suzuki Goro
Prime Minister

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