Independent United Federation of the Polaris Star System
Timeline: Battle for Earth: Prime
Polaris flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms

Unity, Friendship, Peace (Chinolo)

Capital {{{capital}}}
Largest city Polaris 3
Language Chinolo
Demonym Polarisians
Government Federation Democracy
Currency Crediflim

The Federation of the Polaris System is a relatively new nation in the galaxy.  It was formed from a group of nomads that found 3 wreaked Regenetech cruisers crashed on a Polaris asteroid.  Very few beings lived in system becasuse there were ony 5 planets (Dichnea, Zyenki, Lishugun, Fuepos, and Quewo).  Only Zyenki and Lishugun were inhabitable.  Dichnea was a rocky microplanet too close to Polaris A to be inhabited, Fuepos had no atmosphere, and Quewo was frozen for 8 months out of the 9 month year.  For many centuries the people of both planets saw their neighbor through telescopes and eventually in 291 BPS (Before Polaris System.  Marks the foundation of the FotPS) the Quiven launched a rocket into space.  It was the first step to the formation of the confederation. After about 120 years of communications, leaders from all the different

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The Polaris Defensive Force consist of Infantry, Artillery, Armored (Ground Forces), Warships, Fighters, Bombers, Marines (Space Forces), Hovercraft, Dropships (Air Forces), Aquacruisers (Sea Forces), Espionage, and Scouting (Special Operations) They are not set up to perform assaults on other nations, but to defend their own solar system and exploration teams. The last war was fought over 400 years prior to the formation of the Polaris System against pirates.

Ground Forces

  • Infantry
    • Standard Infantry (200,000); Arms: PA-29 (Main Laser Rifle), L-12 (Sidearm), (1) D-F Thermobomb

      PA-29 rifle for the Infantry

    • Heavy Infantry (25,000); Arms: PHA-01 (Rocket Launcher), L-16 (Sidearm), (5) D-F Thermobomb
    • Light Infantry (10,000); L-22 (Carbine), L-6 (Sidearm)
  • Artillery
    • PDM Laser Cannon (1,000)
    • PDM Plasma Cannon (250)
      Ic sub machine gun military gun set sniper assault rifle machinegun firearm fn p90 blaster laser las-rifle alien mech final3 Concept Weapon by westonboege

      L-12 Sidearm

    • PDM Anti-Aircraft Guns (2,000)
    • PDM Anti-Spaceforce Guns (500)
  • Armored
    • PDM Daush Battle Tank (300)
    • PDM Fuyim Light Tank (520)
    • PDM Pajiux Heavy Tank (30)
      Tank-08 01

      PDM Pajiux Heavy Tank

Space Forces

  • Warships
  • Fighters
  • Bombers
  • Marine
    • Boarding Marines (2,000);
    • Shock Marines (400);

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