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POD: The creation of regional org.s by the USA. (and early independence of territories of Arabia and Africa)



  • The USA creates a Federation under the direction of President Truman. Mexico, Canada, the USA, Brazil, Argentina and Chile enter into a economic/political/military alliance.
  • Dominica, Cuba, Nicaragua, Haiti, Peru and Bolivia submit requests for admittance.
  • The Federation is made formal in the UN Summit 1945. It is called the Federation of the Americas.


  • Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Costa Rica join the Federation.
  • France, for its possession of French Guiana, and England for the Falkland Islands, are admitted as observers.
  • Greenland declares independence.
  • Many island nations form the Commonwealth of Atlantic Nations, and join the Federation.
  • Greenland joins the Federation.
  • Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, Belize join the Federation.


  • Ecuador, Guyana and Surinam join the Federation.
  • Yemen is united.


  • Uruguay, Paraguay and Panama join the Federation.


  • Panama and Colombia join the Federation.
  • All of the Americas have now joined the Federation.
  • Learning the example of the FoA, the United Arab Union is formed, with Egypt, Syria and Yemen joining.


  • Brazil invades Bolivia and couquers it, Brazil is now the South American Replubic.
  • Colombia annexes Panama peacefully.
  • Mexico forms the Central American Commonwealth with the Central American nations and Colombia.
  • Canada, Greenland and the USA unite into the North American States.
  • Qatar joins the UAU.

The 1950s


  • The NAS merges with the CAC and the CAN, forming the TransAmerican Republic.
  • The South American Republic merges with Paraguay, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guyana, Surinam, and Colombia into the South American Commonwealth. Venezuela, Chile, and Argentina merge into the Bolivarian Republic.   
  • Oman, Iraq and Lebanon join the UAU.  


  • The South American Republic and the remainder of South America join the NAS, now the Pan-American States or PAS.
  • Kuwait and Bahrain join the UAU.
  • Independence insurgencies launch guerrilla warfare in the states of Pan Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba.
  • The Soviet Union launches a small invasion of 12,000 troops into Somalia with the assistance of Poland, Vietnam, and China. The UAU reacts violently-Syria, Egypt, Iraq and Lebanon interfere.
  • The PAS also interferes.


  • Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan and Chad join the UAU.
  • Libya, Morocco immediately start fighting in Somalia.
  • The PAS starts to increase global troops deployments and its military grows to over 2,450,000 troops, 27,000 APCs, 10,950 tanks, 9,780 missile systems, 6,700 planes, 457 military ships and 14,000 warheads.
  • The East Atlantic Common Alliance is started in the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Nigeria and South Africa.
  • Later that year, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the UAE join the UAU and Somalia is liberated, and joins.
  • The EACA receives new members: Cote d' Ivorie, Sierra Leone, Senegal, France.
  • The UNSC is reformed. Each year, one state of the EACA, one from the UAU and one from the general Eurasian region but does not belong to any groups will be chosen by vote. China, the PAS, the USSR retain their seats, Australia gains a permanent seat.


  • Namibia, Norway, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Equatorial Guinea, Gambia, Cyrpus, Greece and Turkey join the EACA. 
  • The PAS groups some "Allies of the PAS": Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India.
  • The PAS forms the PanAmerican Space Agency

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