Federation of Rhodesia
Timeline: Kings Reluctance

OTL equivalent: Zimbabwe yet once had Zambia and Malawi as Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland
Flag of Rhodesia Coat of arms of Rhodesia
Flag Coat of Arms
South Rhodesia State
Location Rhodesia

Sit Nomine Digna (English)

Anthem "Rise Voices of Rhodesia"
Capital Salisbury
Largest city Salisbury
Language English
  others Atheist


folk religion

Ethnic Group Caucasian, sub Saharan African
Demonym Rhodesia
Government Parliamentary Republic
  legislature Rhodesian Constitution
Prime Minister John Smith
Deputy Prime Minister Henry Muzorewa
Population 8,201,038 est. 2016 
Established 1924
Independence November 11, 1948
Currency Rhodesian Pound

The Federation of Rhodesia was once a union between three British colonies, the two Rhodesia's and Nyasaland. Rhodesia was cut by two-thirds of its original territory after 1975. The Rhodesian Army and the FRAF and with the help of South African forces prevented the fall of Southern Rhodesia and the capital of Salisbury. ZANU was banned in 1976. In Northern Rhodesia and Nyasaland the two Rhodesian territories United into the Republic of North Zimbabwe. Today the Rhodesian security forces along with South African forces maintain a heavily fortified border with North Zimbabwe which is regularly checked by inspectors from the Commonwealth of Nations. Rhodesia used to have a small river and lake patrol fleet which would control the vast waterways which Rhodesia sat on. Rhodesia's only ally now is South Africa which still remains under an apartheid regime in order to carry on what was left of the Ideological Stalemate. Other white governments in Bechuanaland, Brazil and Cuba still do provide money and arms to Rhodesia. South Africa is probably Rhodesia's most loyal ally as they fought together in the two Great Wars, gained independence in the same year, and fought together for 16 years in the Rhodesian War (1964-1980).